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Here are Metatrader plugins, different applications and a plenty of Metatrader addons that let forex brokers, prime brokers and liquidity providers improve their service, attract clients, and reduce risks. Our Metatrader plugins offer advanced trading functionalities that can help forex market players enhance their offering and better serve their clients.

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Takeprofit Liquidity Hub — an order management system for liquidity aggregation, regulation of streams and risk management
Offers Excel-like table to set up different trading conditions for different traders;
Managers markups for symbols according to a timetable
Imports account history from Excel or CSV file into MT4 or MT5 account to help client migration from previous broker
Identifies which accounts are using the same IP to prevent them from abusing broker’s platform
Metatrader plugin that allows to launch promotion for its clients. After each closed trade, a client receives a cashback based on the size of the trade
Creates credit operation every time the account balance is deposited
Generates real-time reports on brokerage performance statitics: profit, number of new accounts, deposits, withdrawals, executed trades, cancelled trades, execution time
Metatrader plugin that replaces standard commission rules and allows to charge traders with “Currency per million USD traded” mode
Receives trades from MT4/MT5 server and passes them to Crypto exchange to execute; receives quotes from exchange and provides them to server
Closes open positions of the trader and restrict the ability to trade when specified conditions are met
Metatrader plugin that records bid and ask values when a deal is created, which helps calculate the commission
Sets equity limits for trading account and closes account’s open positions when the limit is reached
Performs a voice announcement to the phone number specified in the settings if there is no connection to the server or new information on symbols is not received
Closes all open positions if the equity level reaches a value specified in the plugin settings, mitigating monetary losses for traders
Сaptures all events when a trade account balance changes, and feeds them to persistent storage of the broker’s choice
Allows to launch a promotion for agents and introducing brokers (IB), and pay rewards based on milestones they achieve
Lets broker create multiple FIX sessions for providing liquidity or for FIX trading without server restart
Metatrader plugin that allows broker to set up a multi-level agent commission structure
Locks the opened positions if the price was changed hard after the opening of a new trading session for the instrument
Creates balance operations for trading accounts on the specified date-time. These operations are needed to correct the traders’ balances according to price changes during the rollover price gaps
Сhecks inactive accounts on the server, and marks them for deletion to enable built-in MetaTrader archivation
Prevents accounts from creating new positions if their equity reaches the specified level at the end of the day
Changes leverage on client accounts based on their balance or number of open positions
Records an account’s trading data — margin, balance, equity, credit — when a deal is created, which helps calculate the commission
Matches transactions as on an exchange, so that traders trade against each other, not against the broker
Sets limits for traders’ open positions and prevents them from exceeding these limits
Allows to comply with the European Securities and Markets Authority regulations by preventing the situations when the trader’s balance drops below zero
Allows traders to attach money to a specific trader managing one or more accounts
Allows a brokerage to configure a multi-level trade volume-based rebate program for introducing agents and money managers
Checks the log files of MT4 trading platform and Liquidity Bridge and monitors pricing and performance issues
Stops trades for selected symbols if quotes are not updating
Controls minimum and maximum spread levels for symbols and securities
Increases spread for specific symbols for a certain period of time (such as the news, Monday’s open, an unusually slow price feed, etc.)
Monitors StopOut and MarginCall events happening on the trading platform and sends notification to traders via email, to let them know about these events
Blocks swap charges for specified trade accounts, if these accounts do not meet the conditions set by the broker
Allows convenient configuration and automatic import of swaps from a .csv file
Blocks swap charges and replaces them by balance operations with the same amount of money as a swap fee
Allows broker to move a position from one account to another
Records information about spread values for the moment of opening and closing of trades, which helps calculate the commission
Allows broker to create accounts via Telnet using the MetaTrader Server and to perform deposit and withdrawal operations
Offering from our partners. Help with obtaining the documentation and resources to legally conduct Forex trading
Offering our partners. 6 different crypto exchanges aggregated. Support for 50+ symbols. Flexible markup configuration: min/max spread, %-based or absolute markup
Offering from our partners. A web interface for online trading using demo and live accounts
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