Flex Rebate

A multi-level agent commission plugin for MT4/MT5

Flex Rebate multi-level agent commission plugin allows introducing brokers and other agents to earn a commission on trades performed by lower-level agents.

It supports up to 9 agent commission levels per rule, so that each agent can have their own commission payout value. 

With Flex Rebate multi-level agent commission you can attract new clients by giving them the opportunity to become successful agents in the chain of traders.

How the Multi-level Agent Commission Works

  • You set rules for trades and commission payout values, using a spreadsheet-style configuration tool.
    Multi-level Agent Commission
  • Once a trade is closed on any account, FlexRebate checks the rule list from top to bottom.
  • The first rule that matches the trade is used and a commission is allocated.
  • You can allow the plugin to pay a commission only on trades with a profit/loss above a certain threshold in order to prevent fraud.

Features of Multi-level Agent Commission

  • You can filter traders by multiple parameters, including groups, logins, symbols, securities, and agent masks.
  • The plugin can be used in conjunction with the EasyMAM, Takeprofit multi account manager.

Installation and Support

Installation can be done by our support team to ensure that the plugin is installed correctly. 

Together with the multi-level agent commission you get:
– email and Telegram support during business hours
– updates that ensure all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows


Example price for a single MT4/MT5 server and a single White Label:

Monthly fee – $299
Setup fee – $200 one-time

FlexRebate multi-level agent commission is included in the Essential, Risk Management, and Quality of Life discount bundles.

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    What Our Customers are Saying

    It is very easy to configure the settings

    When choosing a solution provider, we considered some well-known companies. We selected Takeprofit due to its brand value. The most helpful feature of Flex Rebate multi-level agent commission for our business is the flex rebate option itself. It is very easy to configure the settings. You can create a specific structure to satisfy the manager’s specific needs. When an IB’s client wants to become an IB himself, the plugin can create a derived IB structure. This can resolve the potential conflict of interest between the IB and client.

    Daniel Rim, Chief Business Development Officer of HyperForex

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