Crypto Adapter

Crypto Adapter is a standalone application, which receives trades from MT4/MT5 server and passes them to Crypto exchange to execute. As well as, receives quotes from Crypto exchange and provides them to MT4/MT5 server.


Minimum monthly fee: $749
Processed volume: $9 per 1 mil USD


We highly recommend leaving the installation to our support team to ensure that the plugin is installed and connected to the liquidity provider properly. It is free of charge.

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Crypto Adapter is compatible with the Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge and Takeporfit Liquidity Hub as they use the same technology for data exchange.

How it works

  1. Each trade is processed by the adapter the following way:
  2. Trader pushes the button to open a new trade in their trading terminal.
  3. Metatrader server receives request from this trading terminal and passes it to liquidity bridge.
  4. Liquidity bridge is connected to the adapter, which is connected to crypto exchange.
  5. Liquidity bridge receives the request for new trade and sends the message “to open new trade” to the adapter.
  6. The adapter receives the message from the bridge, “translates” it for crypto exchange, using API and sends this translated message to the exchange.
  7. The exchange receives the message and starts to process “new order” request.
  8. After the order was processed by the exchange (it was opened or rejected), it sends back an execution report.
  9. Adapter receives the report, translates it and sends the report to the bridge.
  10. The bridge receives the report and confirms the opening if the order was successfully opened on the exchange side or reject opening if the order was rejected.

Synthetic symbols

The adapter can create synthetic symbols to allow traders to use different BTC and ETH pairs for trading.

Example of supported symbols:

  • etc.

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