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How To Create A Trader Journey Map

How To Create A Trader Journey Map

A trader journey map allows to find out how and why traders choose your service. You can use it to visualize the analytics of your website and of your customers going through it. And to find problem areas to work them out.

10 Trends To Shape Forex Market In A Year

Although it is impossible to put a precise date on when the epidemic may be over, experts say a vaccine is likely to become available by mid-2021. And we believe the Forex sphere will evolve and prosper by then.

The Three Most Often Overlooked Pitfalls In Risk Management

The topic of risk management has been making headlines ever since the SNB crisis proved that no one in the industry can feel safe. Many called it “a lesson taught to everyone.” But what if after all the media buzz, tech improvements, and leverage decrease something important has been missing from the very start?

How To Build Trust On A Broker’s Website

One of the common statements in sales is that the first thing a salesperson should do is to create a trusting relationship with a client. Some companies mistakenly think that the sales starts with a call or email. No, the first point of a communication is a website, at least in regards to a Forex brokerage business.

The Quest To Find Out Who Stole Your Clients

Many Forex brokerages consist mostly of a marketing/sales department, because acquiring and retaining customers is the most important (and, probably, the most difficult) thing a broker can do to be profitable.

How We Develop

This October our company, Takeprofit Technology, formerly known as Timur Latypoff Technology Lab, will be two years old. It has already been more than two years since we started the development of our first product, a liquidity bridge for MT4.

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