A trader journey map allows to find out how and why the trader chooses your service. You can use it to visualize the analytics of your website and of your customers going through your website. And find problem areas to work them out. >>

What will happen with the FX industry in a country where the regulator is turned against it, and applies numerous prohibitions and restrictions – referring to the good intentions to protect traders’ rights? >>

Finding paying clients is what usually makes or breaks a retail Forex brokerage company. Acquiring and retaining customers is the most important thing a broker can do to be profitable. >>

The topic of risk management has been making headlines ever since the SNB crisis proved that no one in the Forex industry can feel safe. But even after all the tech improvements, do brokers see the full picture? >>

How To Build Trust On A Broker’s Website

The first point of a company’s communication with people is its website, at least in regards to a Forex brokerage business. So if you want to widen your sales funnel, start to create trust right there.

Takeprofit Tech At The iFX Expo 2016 In Limassol

Last week we took part in the iFX Expo in Limassol. It was a great time for our team. We were happy to meet our existing clients to discuss common projects.

The Hype Of Fully Integrated Solutions: What Lies Beneath

As the big names are consolidating in Europe and the U.S., new brokers are emerging from the Middle East and Asia. Following the shifts in the market landscape, technology providers are also changing their offerings.

How To Improve A Google AdWords Campaign Of A Forex Broker

The pay-per-click advertising in Google AdWords is one of the marketing instruments we are using at Takeprofit Tech. We have found some tips that are useful on the Forex brokering market. You will find them in this article.

How We Develop

This October our company, Takeprofit Technology, formerly known as Timur Latypoff Technology Lab, will be two years old. It has already been more than two years since we started the development of our first product, a liquidity bridge for MT4.

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