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Takeprofit Hub — Liquidity Aggregation

An order management system for liquidity aggregation, regulation of streams and risk management

Takeprofit Liquidity Hub allows to fine-tune liquidity aggregation and execution conditions in an uninterrupted mode.

No restarts, no reconnections, no pauses in quoting.


liquidity aggregation

  • The solution provides liquidity aggregation and distribution from FIX and non-FIX liquidity providers. We can connect you to any stock or crypto exchange, bank, prime broker or other liquidity aggregator.
  • You can use your own servers. Or host at our server in the EQUINIX LD4 data center without having to select and prepare the environment.
  • The solution supports five exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, OkCoin, Kraken, Alpaca.
  • The liquidity aggregator has a user-friendly interface to make the configuration easy to understand and change any time.

Liquidity Network of Takeprofit Hub

At the moment the network of Takeprofit Hub includes more than 50 liquidity providers and wholesale brokers.

The hub ensures seamless connection between its network participants.

Some of the liquidity network participants

liquidity providers
Alchemy Markets
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
Equiti Capital
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
GBE Prime
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
IS Prime
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
Phillip Capital
liquidity providers
Scope Markets
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
liquidity providers
Velocity Trade
liquidity providers
Xenfin Capital
liquidity providers

Benefits for the liquidity network participants

  • 0$ per million for A-book volumes between Takeprofit Hub instances
  • Free bridge for connection to the liquidity network participants


Get a two-week fully functional trial of Takeprofit Liquidity Hub

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    Key Features of Takeprofit Liquidity Hub

    • 24/7 emergency support line.
    • Liquidity stream settings that lets you fine-tune liquidity makers/takers and trading instruments according to your needs.
    • Liquidity aggregation that supports best bids/offers, leading to better spreads and superior execution.
    • Risk management with flexibility for A-book, B-book, and custom execution models.
    • Real time monitoring via dashboards and log viewing.
    • Trading exposure statistics and reporting.
    • Multi-asset support: Forex, CFDs, Futures, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrency.


    Installation can be performed by our support team to ensure smooth and trouble-free integration of the service. This is offered to you free of charge.

    Along with Takeprofit Liquidity Hub you get these paid support plan features for free:
    – email and Telegram support during business hours,
    – emergency 24/7 support hotline,
    – updates to ensure that all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows,
    – developers devoted to finding solutions to your personal needs.


    Setup: $1,999
    Volume fee:

    • A-book — $0 per million for LPs who use Takeprofit Hub, $1 per million for others,
    • B-book — $1 per million,
    • $10 per million USD of cryptos traded in A-book/B-book.

    Minimum $1,499/month.

    Three bridges to the hub are provided free of charge. Additional bridges are available for an additional fee.

    To provide you with an accurate estimate we need to learn a little about your technical requirements and business needs.

    Please fill out the form below so that we can reach out to you with a few questions. We’ll contact you within one business day.

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      What Our Customers are Saying

      The best thing I noted when using this hub is the tech support

      I had been searching for a solution that can work without MetaTrader, and I came to learn about the Takeprofit Hub. It seemed to be affordable, and it was exactly the product I was looking for. The best thing I noted when using this hub is the tech support. I never got such quick responses anywhere. I also like the fact that Takeprofit believes in learning and develops their product on an ongoing basis.

      The most valuable feature of the Takeprofit Liquidity Hub is using multiple margin accounts for a single MT4/5 server. It helps in working with multiple WhiteLabels.

      Yes, there’s always some dearth in any product. The hub’s UI is not up to date. All of my clients have already mentioned it. It looks like some web interface from the 1990’s. The quotes in the hub are updated at 1-second intervals, while they should be updated in real time. This results in a mismatch of equities. Last, but not least – your documentation should be more developer-friendly.

      Prakash Kumar, Director of Equidity OÜ

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