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White Label Administrator

White Label Administrator is an application that provides broker’s WLs and IBs with the information about trading accounts that refer to them. This information is:

  • Personal account data (balance, equity, margin, currency),
  • Order history.

You don’t need to provide WLs and IBs with MT4/5 Manager credentials. They get a username and password to see the information that you want them to see.

The tool also allows to make the following reports:

  • Deposit & Withdrawal Report
  • Closed Trades Report
  • Equity Report
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Summary Report
  • Common History Report
  • The tool is available from any PC in a browser via the graphic user interface.


Installation can be performed by our support team to ensure smooth and trouble-free integration of the service. This is offered to our customers free of charge.
Along with White Label Administrator, you get these paid support plan features for free:
– email and Telegram support during business hours,
– emergency 24/7 support hotline,
– updates to ensure that all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platform and Windows,
– developers devoted to finding solutions to your specific needs.


$549 monthly fee (3 months minimum)

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