Dynamic Leverage with schedule

Metatrader dynamic leverage is a risk management plugin that allows forex brokers to configure and manage margin and leverage levels for their clients.

Dynamic leverage solution allows brokers to customize leverage for trading accounts based on their exposure or open position volume.

With this solution, you can create custom leverage rules according to your specific needs. This ensures a balanced approach where you can offer attractive trading conditions to certain clients while protecting yourself from unwanted activities. You have the flexibility to modify settings anytime and they will be instantly applied.

We offer both — MT5 dynamic leverage and MT4 dynamic leverage.
dynamic leverage

Dynamic Leverage Provides Greater Leverage with Fewer Risks


  • This plugin protects both forex brokers and traders against negative balances. When a trader reaches a negative balance, a broker loses money on the liquidity provider’s side, too.


  • This tool reduces your trading risks. The greater your clients’ leverage, the more profits they can earn – consequently, the more you can lose.


Dynamic Leverage with Schedule

Dynamic leverage with schedule is the latest version of the dynamic leverage plugin.

This version of the tool can change the trading account leverage using a specified schedule based on account balance, equity and the volume of current opened positions. It reduces the risk for the broker during news time, Elon Musk tweets and other dangerous moments.

Dynamic leverage with schedule has a graphic user interface that allows the broker to set the rules.

Installation and Support of Dynamic Leverage

MT5 dynamic leverage and MT4 dynamic leverage solutions can be installed by our tech support specialists to ensure its proper setup. 

Together with the MT5 dynamic leverage and MT4 dynamic leverage solutions, you get these support plan features for free:
– email and Telegram support during business hours,
– emergency 24/7 support hotline,
– updates that ensure that the solution works with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows.


Example price for a single MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 server and a single White Label:

Monthly fee
Setup fee
$499$200 one-time

Dynamic Leverage is included in the Essential and Risk Management discount bundles.

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    Customers Say

    Fresh way to stay competitive

    Brokers today need fresh ways to stay competitive in a way that not only provides their clients with the best trading environment but ensures that their business is risk-free as well. We’re glad to work with Takeprofit Tech in this direction and offer cutting-edge technology to our clients.

    Ted Quek, Chief Technology Officer of Broctagon Fintech Group
    Broctagon Fintech Group

    Delivering the best quality to our customers

    We have chosen Takeprofit Dynamic Leverage with Schedule for our customer because reliability is the most important factor for us. We did not want to waste our time on testing some solutions that are new to the market. In that case, we can save time, money and avoid potential problems with our client portfolio, and focus on delivering the best quality to our customers.

    The most valuable feature of this solution is that it reads on equity instead of balance or net deposits only, and changes leverage for all floating positions as well.

    As for any issues – it took a bit of time to fix a few of them, but it worked well in the end.

    Sargis Manukyan, Head of Broker Solutions at Match-Trade Technologies
    dynamic leverage for match trade



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