Forex Risk Management Tool | Risk Management MT4 / MT5

Forex risk management tools are an essential part of businesses that aim to exist for the long term while remaining profitable and providing excellent service to their clients. Risk management MT4 tools as well as risk management MT5 tools can improve every aspect of brokerage operations , with a particular focus on crucial elements such as trade execution and client management.

Takeprofit Tech team are experts with 12 years of industry experience in forex, especially in risk management MT4 and risk management MT5.

What we’ve observed in our work is that many brokerage managers tend to leave their businesses to chance, hoping that nothing adverse will occur. They typically implement risk management solutions only when compelled by regulators or in response to adverse events.

According to Timur Latypoff, Director at Takeprofit Tech, the most popular risk management strategy among some forex brokers is praying to God.

Thus, as here at Takeprofit Tech we’ve witnessed numerous instances where brokers failed to effectively handle risks, resulting in significant damage or closure of their businesses, we have developed a basic forex risk management tool bundle.

Risk Manager MT5 / Risk Manager MT4 Bundle

The bundle includes our most essential and in-demand products that provide profitable trade execution and protect the brokerage from toxic traders and high volatility.

Save 27% when you purchase multiple products designed to keep your business secure and profitable.

Dealing Desk (Ashira)

Offers Excel-like table to set up different trading conditions for different traders;

Managers markups for symbols according to a timetable

Anti-Fake Account

Identifies which accounts are using the same IP to prevent them from abusing broker’s platform

Flex Rebate

Metatrader plugin that allows broker to set up a multi-level agent commission structure

Leverage Switcher

Changes leverage on client accounts based on their balance or number of open positions


The price for this forex risk management tool kit is:

  • One-time setup fee – $400, instead of $1,250 as if you buy each of the product separately
  • Monthly fee – $2,083, instead of $2,854 as if you use each of the product separately

Free Trial

Don’t leave your brokerage fate to chance. Take control with a risk management tool MT4 / MT5 bundle and navigate the markets with confidence.

You can test the products during a free two-week trial.


Our support team installs the bundle within several hours over the weekend, or your specialist can do this using the product documentation.

FAQ on Risk Management MT4

Which brokers need risk management MT4 the most?

Risk management software helps avoid and mitigate the risks that each broker regularly faces. Automation of routine trading operations and dealing with everyday risks will save your money and business. So, each forex broker who operates on a basis of MetaTrader 4 needs basic risk management MT4 solutions.

Who are the best solution providers of risk management MT4?

There are several popular companies, including T4B, Brokeree, oneZero. And of course, Takeprofit Tech, whose dealing desk is considered to be the most reliable on the market among the brokers.

FAQ on Forex Risk Management Tool

What is the most essential forex risk management tool for brokers?

Dealing desk and liquidity aggregation solutions are the ones we consider the most important. They allow brokers to take control over each aspect of the trade execution.

What is the pricing for forex risk management solutions?

The price depends on a particular solution. For example, Takeprofit Dealing Desk cost starts from $1,199 per month: this a solid solution that has lots of features allowing to fine tune execution of each clients’ trades. And the price for Anti-fake account plugin starts from $299, as it’s a small and simple tool.

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