Database Compression

Excessive database size can lead to server crashes and compression service prevents that.

Database compression service is used to shrink the size of orders.dat database of MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It compresses old trades of each particular trading account into one trade per symbol and deletes invalid users and order records.


$499 per compression + $0.4 per 1 MB saved


How the service is provided?

We offer our Server Compressor tool to provide the service. You can launch it by your own or our customer care take do it for you free of charge.

What will happen if I stop the compression tool midway?

Nothing will happen, because the tool does not modify the original MetaTrader 4 database, it creates a compressed copy. If the compression is interrupted, the copy will not be created.

Will the tool delete any orders or users?

The tool only deletes invalid orders and data.

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