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MT4 Bridge

The MT4 bridge is a software product that:
  1. delivers liquidity or provides price feeds to the Metatrader 4 trading platform from a liquidity provider,
  2. sends trades from MT4 to the liquidity provider for execution.
Thus, the MT4 bridge allows MT4 STP brokers to operate. mt4 bridge In this post we will discuss how to choose the MT4 bridge that will fit your needs and provide a brief information about Takeprofit Metatrader Bridge.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an MT4 Bridge

1. Performance and speed of the MT4 bridge

Every company on the market wants to provide its clients with the fastest possible trade execution and data feed. How can you check and measure it? Ask for a trial period and try the solution yourself. It will only take a couple of days to run several tests. One way would be to use your stopwatch to find out the exact execution speed.

2. Technical support

The bridge is a keystone of your trading infrastructure, so your MT4 bridge solution provider must always be in touch. To explore its capabilities, you can find the reviews on third-party websites or on the website of the MT4 bridge solution provider itself. Also, you can google and ask its current clients – does it have the dedicated specialists who provide support? Are those people able to give clear answers to their clients’ arising questions in limited time? Is there an emergency line in case of urgent situations?

3. Supported number of liquidity providers

As a business, you do not want to tether yourself to a tool that doesn’t give you the freedom to grow or develop your business model. Let’s imagine that one day you would like to add some exotic crypto pairs to your client offering. So, you need to make sure that the bridging solution not only has a connection to liquidity providers who currently offer beneficial collaboration terms, but that it would also give you room to add new connections when you need to.

4. Aggregation features

MT4 bridges today offer more or less similar functionality. Still, it is best to never assume that the product will do everything you need it to do. Does it have the necessary aggregation types? Is there a GUI that is convenient to use? Arrange a brainstorming session with your colleagues, think through and write down all the ‘must-have’ and ‘good to have’ functions to try out during your trial period.

5. Pricing

Last but not least, take your time to look into pricing plans and contract drafts to make sure there are no hidden charges. Learn about the setup fee and trading volume fee. Ask whether there is a minimum monthly fee. Find out how much it would cost to connect a new liquidity provider or exchange. Always check if there are any product bundles, special promos, or other goodies.

MT4 Bridge from Takeprofit Tech

Here at Takeprofit Tech the MT4 bridge functions as a server plugin also known as Kloshira. It works with both A- and B-book, offering to route client trades between them. Our MT4 bridge supports all trade types and securities, including Forex, CFDs, indices, stocks, and crypto.

Key Offerings of Takeprofit MT4 Bridge

Risk management

The MT4 bridge from Takeprofit offers a variety of options that can help to complement a broker’s risk management. The ability to route orders, adjust exposure between different books and monitor potential issues, like incorrect group settings, in real time are just a few reasons risk teams prefer our solution.

Flexible rule settings

Our MT4 bridge has a configuration program where you can set markups, slippage and delays. Your clients see the prices via a market watch, which already includes the markups.

Wide aggregation opportunities

The MT4 bridge supports the best bid and ask aggregation and offers complex hedging strategies through the use of multipliers and reverse trading. As a beneficial part of its aggregation capability, the solution is compatible with FIX and non-FIX liquidity providers. Our devs team can add most of the providers to the bridge network.

White-label friendliness

If you are a white-label provider, then you can provide each of your white-label brokers with their own liquidity bridge, including an independent liquidity provider and symbol configuration.

24/7 support

During working hours we provide our clients with email and Telegram support, where the response time is 20 minutes. We also offer a 24/7 hotline, where the maximum response time is 7 minutes.

“We use Takeprofit Bridge, Dealer and Swap Manager. Their key features – smoothness and connectivity without fail so far. Tech support which is provided in chats is very handy. However, a simpler way to understand how to operate the dealer and the liquidity bridge would be great. As well as a multi language option, for example, Mandarin”.
Alpha Tradex


“Your bridge is so fast and easy to handle that we felt the difference to other competitors immediately! Furthermore, we are deeply impressed about the professionalism of the entire Team. Thank you for the very good support and the very fair conditions that you offer!”


“We like everything about Takeprofit Bridge. The solution is easy to use and setting the rules using its GUI is a breeze.
We needed to create sub-liquidities (different margin accounts derived from a single bridge) and we appreciate the Takeprofit team got the whole idea. The documentation is great and the tech support is top-notch”.
Angel Dinarte, IT Director at Smart Broker Solutions

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