White Label Transfer

Server Teleportation is a service we provide for MT4/MT5 White Label brokers. It allows to transfer the WL between servers — from one brokerage to another. The transfer includes:

  • All account information
  • All open trades
  • All trading history
  • Optionally: symbols and groups

Usually it takes one weekend to provide the transfer. So that by Monday all traders can start trading on a new server.

After the transfer a new random password is generated for all traders, and a list of them (along with account IDs, names and emails) is prepared, so that the broker can send them to their clients.


$2,500—5,000 one-time fee, depending on:
– number of accounts,
– number of trades (open and closed),
– special requests.


  1. Firstly, all trades and accounts are pulled from the source server via MT4 Manager connection.
  2. Once all the data is retrieved, we estimate if it is possible to retain old ticket numbers for the trades, or they should be assigned new numbers to prevent clashing with existing ticket numbers on the target MT4. 
  3. When the technological decisions are made, account copies are created on the target server. After all accounts are ready, trades are transferred. Once all open trades and trade histories are copied, we make sure that all balances are the same to prevent accidental loss.
  4. Also it is important to make sure that any plugins and integrations from previous server are properly migrated to guarantee that that brokerage can start working from Monday. We work closely with third-party technology vendors in the process.
  5. We check all things manually to make sure no data is left out after the process is finished, and all the accounts are in exactly the same state as before the transfer.
  6. Successful transfer is guaranteed, but if for some reason it is decided to cancel the process, everything is returned back as it was before. Afterwards the broker may decide if they want to try again.

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