EasyMAM — Easy Multi Account Manager

Takeprofit Easy Multi Account Manager lets forex brokers organize mini-hedge funds on their Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 trading platforms.

Takeprofit EasyMAM combines PAMM and MAM features and lies in-between.

The solution was developed with keeping maximum reliability and speed of execution in mind. Moreover, as it is not a plugin, it can’t overload your server.

We offer both — MT5 and MT4 MAM solutions.

How Easy Multi Account Manager Works

  • Investors choose a money manager and allocate their funds to the manager’s account
  • The money manager begins making trades using the funds in his account.
  • Profits and losses are automatically divided among investors, based on their shares in the money manager’s account.
  • Investors see proportional sub-trades on their accounts, real-time profits and losses, as well as full account trading reports.
  • Investors may deposit and withdraw money from their sub-accounts.

Takeprofit Multi Account Manager provides absolute calculation accuracy. Even a trading volume of 0.000001 lots will show the correct profit.

How Easy Multi Account Manager works


  • Simple to configure. No installation required. Integration is handled by our technical support team.
  • Lightweight. Does not overload your server. Cannot freeze it, unlike plugins.
  • Сompatible with third-party bridges and plugins.
  • Easy-to-use administrative GUI program that can be used by brokers, white labels, and money managers.
  • Does not collect or store customer personal data.
  • Profits are calculated online.

Support of Easy Multi Account Manager

Installation of MT5 and MT4 MAM solutions can be performed by our support team to ensure smooth and trouble-free integration of the service. This can be done within one day.

Along with Easy Multi Account Manager you get these paid support plan features for free:
– email and Telegram support during business hours,
– emergency 24/7 support hotline,
– updates to ensure that all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows,
– developers devoted to finding solutions to your personal needs.


Price for single MT4/MT5 server and single White Label:
1,000 – 4,999 investorsOver 4,999 investorsSetup fee
$849/month + extra fee based on the number of investors$1,299/month + extra fee based on the number of investors$240 one-time
Easy Multi Account Manager is included in the Essential and Money Management discount bundles. For an exact quote, fill out and submit this form. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

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    Customers Say

    The best one for our purposes

    Takeprofit Multi Account Manager turned out to be the best one for our purposes. The most important factor is the option to reflect all MT5 account trades both for the master and slaves. We also appreciate the fact that a WL broker can see all his MAM accounts in his own GUI. What we would like to see is an option to attach slaves automatically if a new account is opened in a slave group. 

    The most valuable tech support feature is its availability via Skype and willingness to help and solve the problems. Sometimes we need to wait. That happens when a question is more technical, and there is a need to discuss it with the IT department. 

    Chris Dankowski, Chief Business Development Officer at Match-Trade Technologies
    Match-Trade Technologies

    Flexible and fast in product customization and tech support 

    Takeprofit is flexible and fast in product customization and tech support. Its EasyMAM is the first PAMM product that we work with. The solution is easy to understand and use. Most importantly it is highly customizable which is important for us and our clients. However, the occasional bugs are disruptive to our business. For example, one of the issues made us stop trading for several days. This part should be improved – when our client base gets bigger we cannot afford such downtimes.


    Has simplified our work

    EasyMAM fully met our business requirements. The solution allowed our master account to work seamlessly, and workflow has simplified our work. What might have done our life simpler is a demo set on a third-party demo server.

    Amook, CTO at FX Broker Tools

    FX Broker Tools

    The accuracy in order distribution

    When choosing a multi account manager we also considered the Trading Room solution by B2Broker. What made us pick Takeprofit EasyMAM was that our client was using the same software. And in addition, Takeprofit had a reasonable pricing plan.

    What we like the most about the tool are the accuracy in order distribution and linking and unlinking investors to money managers through a GUI. What we lack is Arabic support. 

    Ouais Wajhani, CEO of Arab Platform Capital

    Arab Platform Capital - multi account manager

    Minimum questions, maximum results 

    That is such a pleasure to work with real professionals. Minimum questions, maximum results.





    The best speed we could get on the market 

    Takeprofit Multi Account Manager has the best speed we could get on the market to get transactions placed in each slave account. And the most valuable in tech support is the way how efficiently the guys respond and how fast they solve our problems. As well as their patience and understanding of what we need. I think the support team is doing a great job.

    Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request


    — Is Easy Multi Account Manager software difficult to use?

    — No, MAM software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, and users can easily find the features they need. In addition, the software comes with a comprehensive help file that provides step-by-step instructions for using all of the features. Overall, MAM software is not difficult to use. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to help you with any technical difficulties you may be having.

    — What are the differences between MAM and PAMM?

    — Both MAM (Multi Account Management) and PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    PAMM is usually used for such systems where investors invest their money in a “common pot” (such as an investment fund), the manager trades on this common pot, and profits (or losses) are distributed among all investors in proportion to their investments. For example, if one invested $100, and the second invested $200, then the first will receive twice as much profit or sustain twice as big a loss as the second since the second has invested twice as much.

    MAM is a system where investors entrust the management of the funds in their account to another person so that this person can conduct any transactions directly in the investor’s account. In general, there are several separate accounts under the supervision of a money manager, and they decide which transactions will appear on which account (for example, they may choose to open a deal on all accounts of the same size, or proportional size, or open it on one, but not on another – all of this is at the discretion of the money manager).

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