PAMM for MT4 and MT5

Percentage Allocation Management Module

Takeprofit Metatrader PAMM service is a reliable and white label-friendly asset management tool. We offer both MT4 PAMM and MT5 PAMM systems.

Our Metatrader PAMM allows forex brokers to set up investment management systems for their clients.

The solution can be integrated into a CRM or a website.

Tasks Solved by Metatrader PAMM Service

Metatrader PAMM system allows newbie traders to attach money to an experienced trader who is managing one or more accounts.

Thus, MT4 PAMM and MT5 PAMM allows forex brokers to:

  • attract inexperienced traders and those who don’t want to spend much time on trading, providing them with an option to entrust their funds to more professional traders,
  • increase the loyalty of professional traders, providing them with an opportunity to receive fees from investors,
  • grow trading volumes. 

Operation of our Metatrader PAMM Service

  • Investors pick a money manager and place their money into the manager’s account.
  • The money manager begins to trade using the money in his account.
  • Profits and losses are divided among investors in an automated mode according to their shares in the money manager’s trading account.
  • Investors see proportional sub-trades on their trading accounts, their real-time profits and losses, and detailed trading reports.
  • Investors can add more money or withdraw it from their sub-accounts.
  • Money manager receives a fee from the profit he makes.

Comparison Table of Takeprofit Money Management Solutions

Key Features
Copy Trader
Not a plugin and won’t freeze your server?

GUI for a broker

GUI for a money manager

GUI for an investor



Can an investor stop trading any time?



Are there risk management options for an investor?

Advantages of Metatrader PAMM System


Metatrader PAMM software capability is 20 000 investors. The product works seamlessly within this range.


Takeprofit Metatrader PAMM solution has an administrative graphic user interface for brokers, white labels and their money managers.


Our Metatrader PAMM software is not a server plugin, but an application. That is why it won’t affect the capacity of your MT4 or MT5 server.


MT4 PAMM and MT5 PAMM solutions can be installed within a day. Our tech support can take care of it.

The support package also includes email and Telegram support during business hours and access to an emergency 24/7 support hotline.

Pricing of Percentage Allocation Management Module

Sample pricing for a single MT4/MT5 server and a single White Label

1,000 – 4,999 investorsOver 4,999 investorsSetup fee
$849/month + extra fee based on the number of investors$1,499/month + extra fee based on the number of investors
$240 one-time

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    FAQ on PAMM Software

    — What is PAMM?

    — PAMM (percentage allocation management module) is a system developed for investors who wish to have their accounts managed by professional money managers. PAMM works by allocating a certain percentage of each investor’s account balance to the manager’s account. The manager then uses this money to trade forex, stocks, crypto commodities or other assets.

    — Why do I need PAMM?

    — PAMM software lets brokers provide a secure platform where money managers and investors can interact with each other. The broker acts as a middleman, ensuring that both parties comply with the terms of the agreement. As a broker, you help connect investors and traders/managers while also providing your clients with a more customized and convenient investment experience. This can also include additional services, such as risk management or performance analysis.

    — Is PAMM useful for brokers?

    — For brokers, PAMM can be a useful tool for attracting and retaining clients. It can also help to generate commissions, as brokers receive a percentage of the profits made by the manager. PAMM is therefore a win-win solution for both investors and brokers.


    — What version of Metatrader supports PAMM?

    — Takeprofit Tech’s PAMM is available for MT4 and MT5.


    — Why PAMM plugin is worse than PAMM application?

    — The key reason why PAMM plugins are bad is that they freeze servers. PAMM is meant to work with thousands of users’ trade operations and perform complex calculations at once. So, PAMM plugin consumes a significant amount of server resources. This can place a heavy load on the brokerage server.

    Standalone PAMM application offers businesses better performance and stability.

    Additionally, standalone application tends to offer more advanced features and customization options compared to PAMM plugin, which is typically more limited in terms of functionality.


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