Our Team

These are the specialists who develop our products, provide first-class service, and fine-tune our business processes.

When you contact our company regarding any of our products, communication starts with the account management department:

Valentin Piotrovich
Сommercial Director

Diana Peip
Senior Sales Manager

Nikita Videnkov
Account Manager

Valery Styazhkova
Account Manager

Nikita Pimenov
Sales Manager

They will ask you a series of questions to determine which of our solutions is the best fit for you and which features you need. After that they will provide you with a demo version of the selected product and help you configure it for your free 2-week trial.

If you need customized product setup, or a unique solution we don’t yet have, it will be the engineering department that begins the conversation with you:

Aleksandr Troyanov
Operations Engineer

Alexander converts all your requests into technical points and tasks and sets up the development process with the development department. Each week you will receive updates from him on your product’s development.

And here is the development department that creates and improves our solutions:

Evgeny Alekseyev
Technical Director

Daria Vasina

Yury Savlukov

Artyom Mayorov

Georgii Chachibaia

Valeriya Zykova

The team works iteratively. For custom development, every Wednesday you’ll get updates on what has been implemented and the current state of the product the team is working on for you. In addition, each month they release 1-2 free updates for standard products.

Our developers use C++ and C#, which ensures that our solutions work swiftly.

And here is the customer care department that provides you with support once you’ve started using our solution:

Jane Sheveleva
Head of Customer Care

Aleksei Semenov
Customer Care Specialist

Vadim Solomasov
Customer Care Specialist

The team answers questions that may occur during daily use of our solutions and after updates to them. They also expand the knowledge base each time any of the products is improved.

They provide support via email, Skype, and Telegram, and also help resolve issues via our emergency hotline.

This page and the website you are on were created with the help of Kate, our marketing specialist. She is also in charge of the content you might see in our emails, blog, or on our LinkedIn page:

Ekaterina Nutriakova
Marketing Specialist

Then there is our administrative department, which provides the people above and each other with all the necessary resources and conditions. This includes HR management, accounting, clerical work, and supplies:

Anna Brodnikova
HR Manager

Natalia Ivanova
Head of Accounting

Maria Barsukova

If you have any issues with the company’s performance, this is the guy to talk to:

Timur Latypoff
General Director

Timur founded the company in 2013. When necessary, he gets involved in the work of each of the departments.

Bakunina, d. 13, liter G,
191024, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2 Christou Samara, 3rd Floor,
4001, Limassol, Cyprus

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