Takeprofit Tech

Get an extra discount when you purchase multiple products designed to meet your business needs


Monthly cost

Essentials bundle — save 23%

Takeprofit Bridge (free setup — a $1,999 value; additional fee for volume in excess of $1 billion), EasyMAM (additional fee for investor accounts in excess of 1000), FlexRebate, Dynamic Leverage, Quote Watcher, WebRegistration Plus, Real Margin Stopout




Risk Management bundle — save 27%

Takeprofit Dealer, Dynamic Leverage, MaxPositionExposure, FlexRebate, Leverage Switcher, Anti-fake account




Quality of Life bundle — save 25%

Quote Watcher, Swap Manager, EquityStopout, Event Logger, FlexRebate, Deal-Bid Ask Recorder, Minimum trading commission, Swap Blocker




Money Management bundle — save 24%

EasyMAM (additional fee for investor accounts in excess of 1000), Trading Signal Server, FlexRebate, Event Logger, Trade Mover




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