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XMAM — X Multi Account Manager

A completely new solution for MT5 that lets your clients follow successful traders’ strategies without copying their trades.

How XMAM Works

  • Let’s say we have an experienced trader, “XMaster,” XMAM tracks the XMaster’s profit and turns it into a price for “XSymbol.”
  • XSymbol is a common MT5 Symbol. You can keep the name XMaster gave it, i.e., Don Jones profits will be fed as a price for MT5 XSymbol DON JONES.
  • Traders can analyze risks by checking the XSymbol chart. It shows the XMaster’s entire trading history. If XMaster has losses, the chart will show losses as well, and vice versa.
  • Traders who consider XMaster successful can open deals with its XSymbol.
  • For example, we BUY a 0.01 lot of XSymbol and make a profit if the price of this symbol goes up. On the other hand, if the price goes down, traders who bought XSymbol will lose money.
  • Traders and XMaster are not connected in the system in any way. They trade independently from each other.


You Might Need XMAM to:

  • Attract new clients by offering a brand new solution
  • Increase your company’s trade volumes
  • Grow your brand awareness


  • Simple to configure. No installation required. Integration is handled by our technical support team.
  • Lightweight. Does not overload your server. Cannot freeze it, unlike plugins.
  • Сompatible with third-party bridges and plugins
  • Solution with no analogues on market

Support of XMAM

Installation can be performed by our support team to ensure smooth and trouble-free integration of the service. This is offered to our customers free of charge.

Along with XMAM, you get these paid support plan features for free:
– email, Telegram, and Skype support during business hours
– emergency 24/7 support hotline
– updates to ensure that all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platform and Windows
– developers devoted to finding solutions to your specific needs


Example price for a single MT5 server:

  • Up to 300 investors: free setup + $349 monthly fee
  • 300—1,000 investors: free setup + $549 monthly fee
  • 1,000—3,000 investors: free setup + $749 monthly fee + extra monthly fee for investor accounts, if more than 3,000

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