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Real Margin Stopout is a plugin that allows to deduct credit on MT account when the client has lost all his own money.

By default, MT includes credit for all margin checks during trading. That means that there could be a situation when client has negative balance (let’s say -500), but his credit (let’s say 1000), still allows him to maintain open positions and maybe later win enough money to come back from negative balance.

Real Margin Stopout watches all clients under its settings and when equity is less than credit on one account, it will deduct all credit from this account. Then, such account will be stopped out by MT itself.


Example price for a single MT4 server

Startup – $199/month (3-month minimum)
Professional – $299/month
Enterprise – $549/month (for large established companies only)

Real Margin Stopout is included in the Essential discount bundle.

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    Less than 66—1212—36Over 36

    Less than 500500—10001000—5000Over 5000

    Less than 800800—50005000—10 000Over 10 000

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    Customers say

    The most helpful thing in Real Margin Stopout is the option to follow regulation rules.

    Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request

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