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Essential MT4 Plugins for Forex Brokers

In 2010, Metaquotes, the largest trading software provider from Russia, released its Metatrader 5 trading platform, a new version that was supposed to gradually replace the previous Metatrader 4. More than years have passed, but MT4 and, respectively, its metatrader 4 plugins are still popular with all forex market participants: from brokers to traders.

According to the statistics from B2B, which is our competitor and simultaneously a client and partner who distributes our solutions, as of April 2021, 32,4% of brokers prefer MT4. The platform’s simplicity, its capability with third-party solutions, as well as a huge number of functions made it very powerful and in-demand.

MT4 includes interactive charts, 9 timeframes, 23 analytical tools and 30 technical indicators that can help users trade. In addition, users can use stop loss and take profit parameters to control their trading process. Brokers can decide what types of orders to offer to their clients.

Here is the list of essential metatrader 4 plugins that can assist forex brokers and liquidity providers in making their businesses more efficient and profitable.

Pick up the ones you need as required by your company’s goals and challenges.

MT4 Plugins for Liquidity Management

Crypto Adapter

Receives trades from MT4/MT5 server and passes them to Crypto exchange to execute; receives quotes from exchange and provides them to server

FIX API Splitter

Lets broker create multiple FIX sessions for providing liquidity or for FIX trading without server restart

Quote Watcher

Stops trades for selected symbols if quotes are not updating

Metatrader 4 Plugins For Dealing

Spread Limits

Controls minimum and maximum spread levels for symbols and securities

Spread Management

Increases spread for specific symbols for a certain period of time (such as the news, Monday’s open, an unusually slow price feed, etc.)

Risk Management MT4 Plugins for Brokers

Anti-Fake Account

Identifies which accounts are using the same IP to prevent them from abusing broker’s platform

Swap Blocker

Blocks swap charges for specified trade accounts, if these accounts do not meet the conditions set by the broker

StopOut Email Notifier

Monitors StopOut and MarginCall events happening on the trading platform and sends notification to traders via email, to let them know about these events

Quote Watcher

Stops trades for selected symbols if quotes are not updating

Negative Balance Protection

Allows to comply with the European Securities and Markets Authority regulations by preventing the situations when the trader’s balance drops below zero

Leverage Switcher

Changes leverage on client accounts based on their balance or number of open positions

KYC Locker

Prevents accounts from creating new positions if their equity reaches the specified level at the end of the day

Client Attraction

Bonus Cashback

Metatrader plugin that allows to launch promotion for its clients. After each closed trade, a client receives a cashback based on the size of the trade

Flex Rebate

Metatrader plugin that allows broker to set up a multi-level agent commission structure

Plethora Commission

Allows a brokerage to configure a multi-level trade volume-based rebate program for introducing agents and money managers

Metatrader 4 Plugins for Data Management

Account History Uploader

Imports account history from Excel or CSV file into MT4 or MT5 account to help client migration from previous broker

Broker Dashboard

Generates real-time reports on brokerage performance statitics: profit, number of new accounts, deposits, withdrawals, executed trades, cancelled trades, execution time

Deal-Bid-Ask Recorder

Metatrader plugin that records bid and ask values when a deal is created, which helps calculate the commission

Inactive Accounts Cleaner

Сhecks inactive accounts on the server, and marks them for deletion to enable built-in MetaTrader archivation

Trade Mover

Allows broker to move a position from one account to another

WebRegistration Plus

Allows broker to create accounts via Telnet using the MetaTrader Server and to perform deposit and withdrawal operations

Commission Management

Commission Converter

Metatrader plugin that replaces standard commission rules and allows to charge traders with “Currency per million USD traded” mode

Custom Development of MT4 Plugins

Custom Development

We have 10 years of experience in MT4/MT5 custom development. If you haven’t found the right product, we’ll be happy to develop the one for you.

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