Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge (Kloshira)

An MT5 / MT4 liquidity bridge for profitable and secure A-book, B-book or A+B-book execution

Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge routes customer trades between A-book and B-book and provides trade execution. We offer both — MT4 bridge and MT5 bridge. 

Our MetaTrader bridge natively supports 30 liquidity providers and 5 most popular crypto exchanges. We will add any exchange, bank or prime broker as a new liquidity provider per your request.

Our MetaTrader bridge supports all trade types and securities, including forex, CFDs, indices, stocks, and crypto.


A/B-book Trade Execution

  • A-book. Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge executes clients’ orders through a brokerage account with the liquidity provider and confirms the execution price. It routes the liquidity provider’s price feed to your server with the proper markup for each instrument.
  • B-book. The liquidity bridge can work as a dealer and process trades it receives. You can set different execution conditions for different traders or groups of traders. 

MT4 Bridge / MT5 Bridge High Standard 

We provide advanced liquidity bridges optimized for the MetaTrader trading platforms. Our MT4 bridge and MT5 bridge are designed in line with the official MetaQuotes server API guidelines, offering consistency and reliability for forex brokers. 

In essence, MT4 bridge and MT5 bridges are a DLL plugins complete with configuration files, facilitating effortless installation into the server’s standard plugins directory. This ensures brokers have efficient tools to enhance their trading capabilities.

How Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge Works

The execution rules and routing for symbols are managed using a simple configuration tool.

You set your markups in the configuration program of the liquidity bridge. So, when traders see the prices via a market watch, it already includes all the markups.

liquidity bridge rules

Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge natively supports 35 liquidity providers. We will add any additional providers at your request.

liquidity bridge routing


Advantages of Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge

  • WL-friendly: each white-label broker can have their own liquidity bridge with independent liquidity provider and symbol configuration
  • Full interoperability with third-party solutions: bridges, MAMs, commission plugins
  • Sophisticated hedging strategies available using coverage multipliers and reverse trading
  • The best bid/ask aggregation engine without margin control
  • High load resistance: up to 1500 quotes per second and tick-to-trade latency of less than 30ms under light load
  • Built-in real-time server and bridge health monitoring system, integrated with our technical support desk
  • Slippage control for SL/TP and Limit orders
  • Auto-detection and reporting of incorrect group settings
  • Lightweight — a single file with no databases
  • Сompatible with both FIX and non-FIX liquidity providers (JSON, Protobuf protocols)
  • Сompatible with standard MT4/MT5 backup services
  • Includes the ability to save information about deals to the liquidity provider’s MySQL database using the separate Execution Reporter tool. 

Installation of MT4 / MT5 Bridge

MT4 or MT5 bridge can be installed by our support team to ensure smooth and trouble-free integration of the service. Or you can do it yourself with the help of the documentation we provide. 

Along with MT4 or MT5 bridge, you will get these paid support plan features for free:

– email and Telegram support during business hours,
– emergency 24/7 support hotline,
– updates to ensure that all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows,
– developers devoted to finding solutions to your personal needs.

Pricing for MT4 / MT5 Bridge

Example price for a single MT4/MT5 server


Volume fee


A-book — $1 per million

B-book — $1 per million

Minimum $1,499/month.


Discount bundle

Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge is included in the Essential discount bundle along with other important tools for building an efficient brokerage.


Promo package

We also offer a lightweight promo package for startups, companies that only want to receive quotes, and those who want to try out and form their opinion about our MT4 liquidity bridge or MT5 bridge. 

To provide you with an accurate pricing estimate, we need to learn a little about your technical requirements and business needs.

If you would like to get a promo package, please fill out the form below so that we can reach out to you with a few questions. We’ll respond within one business day.

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    What Customers are Saying on Our MT5 / MT4 Liquidity Bridge

    The plugin is easy to use and setting the rules using its GUI is a breeze

    We like everything about Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge. The plugin is easy to use and setting the rules using its GUI is a breeze.

    We needed to create sub-liquidities (different margin accounts derived from a single bridge) and we appreciate the Takeprofit team got the whole idea. The documentation is great and the tech support is top-notch. 

    We can be sure that we will receive the best technical support every time we need to connect either new symbols, new securities or new sessions to different liquidity providers. Takeprofit is very understanding of our needs, and we’ve never been let down by their work. We appreciate the prompt responses and willingness to schedule weekend tasks.  It’s hard for me to think of what’s missing in their work. I guess, having a visual of how things work could sometimes help.

    Angel Dinarte, IT Director at Smart Broker Solutions
    smart broker solutions


    Smoothness and connectivity without fail so far

    We use Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge and Swap Manager. Their most important features – smoothness and connectivity without fail so far. Tech support provided in chats is very handy. However, a simpler way to understand how to operate the bridge would be great. As well as a multi language option, for example, Mandarin.

    alfa tradex forex broker

    So fast and easy to handle

    Your liquidity bridge is so fast and easy to handle that we felt the difference to other competitors immediately! Furthermore, we are deeply impressed about the professionalism of the entire Team. Thank you for the very good support and the very fair conditions that you offer!
    fair fx


    Saves me whole days of work compared to other solutions

    When choosing a liquidity bridge, we were considering four solutions. Each we tried for more weeks during selection process. However, we have chosen Takeprofit as its bridge is easy to use and update, which saves me whole days of work compared to other solutions we tried before. I still remember how much work it used to take before, so I am happy.

    Michal Ružička, CEO at Rhodium Investments Limited
    rhodium broker

    Response and development time were both topnotch

    We heard about Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge at an exhibition. So, the key factors that made us choose this solution were the coincidence and the test period which helped to confirm our decision.

    Takeprofit team has added the “action worst” function to the product per our request. The most valuable in custom development was the response time. It’s a pleasure to work with specialists who respond quickly. Response and development time were both topnotch.

    The currently implemented solution is sufficient for our needs and all is working properly. All the features are extremely important for us. We wouldn’t work with it if any of them were missing.
    lite forex

    Stable and easy-to-use

    We use B-book mode of Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge. It is stable and easy-to-use. One of its most beneficial functionality for us is ExtraSlippage.

    Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request

    Seamless operation and great customer service

    When choosing a liquidity bridge, we were considering and checking the solutions of Takeprofit Tech, T4B and Brokeree. We have chosen Takeprofit because our agreement with them is not based on volume, and, in addition, our previous experience with them was very good. What we appreciate the most in their liquidity bridge is its seamless operation and the great customer service they offer to us.

    Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request

    FAQ on MT5 / MT4 Liquidity Bridge

    What kind of brokers need bridge?

    Bridge is typically used by brokers who offer trading services on multiple platforms or who need to connect their trading platform to an external liquidity provider.

    For example, if a broker offers trading services on both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, they may need MT4 or MT5 bridge to allow for communication between the two platforms. Similarly, if a broker wants to connect their platform to an external liquidity provider, they may need bridge to facilitate that connection.

    In general, brokers who offer trading services across multiple platforms or who need to connect to external liquidity providers are the ones who are most likely to require a liquidity bridge. However, the specific need for a liquidity bridge will depend on the broker’s individual circumstances and the requirements of their trading platform and liquidity providers.

    What is the difference between crypto liquidity bridge and liquidity bridge?

    A crypto liquidity bridge and a liquidity bridge are both software solutions used by brokers to connect their trading platform to external liquidity providers. A crypto liquidity bridge is specifically designed to connect a broker’s trading platform to crypto liquidity providers or crypto exchanges, whereas a liquidity bridge can be used to connect to a variety of liquidity providers across different asset classes, including forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

    Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge works with all types of assets: forex, crypto, CFD, commodities, etc.

    What does “auto-detection and reporting of incorrect group settings” mean?

    A trading group is a collection of trading accounts with similar trading conditions and parameters.

    Auto-detection and reporting of incorrect group settings is a feature that helps brokers to identify and resolve issues that may cause trading errors or inconsistencies in their platform. Errors in group settings can occur due to human error, software bugs, or other factors, which can lead to trade errors or inaccurate reporting of trade activity.

    For example, if a bridge detects an incorrect trading group setting such as an invalid lot size or leverage ratio, it can automatically generate a warning or error message that is displayed in the trading platform or sent to the broker or system administrator. The message can provide details about the error, such as the affected trading group and the specific setting that needs to be corrected.

    By using auto-detection and reporting of incorrect group settings, brokers can ensure that their trading platform is operating smoothly and minimize the risk of trading errors that could potentially harm their business or reputation.

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