Plethora Commission

A simple multi-level IB-commission plugin for MT4

Plethora is a simple plugin that allows a brokerage to configure a multi-level trade volume-based rebate program for introducing agents and money managers.

The plugin calculates agent commission for every trade happening in MT4 server based on simple rules for multiple levels of introducing agents.


  • Unlimited number of levels for IB rebate program — 3, 5, or 10 levels are configured in a simple and obvious way.
  • Commission values can be configured in any currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc) or in pips.
  • All bonuses are deposited to IBs instantly, and in a way that is compatible with built-in MT4 one-level commission mechanism — you can use the same reporting tools that you used before.
  • Configuration is done via MT4 Administrator in plugin options.


Example price for a single MT4 server and a single White Label:

Monthly fee – $299
Setup fee – $200 one-time

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