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Ekaterina Nutriakova
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Is there any alternative to PrimeXM XCore? One that would satisfy the needs of a broker or liquidity provider like this well-known order management tool does? The answer is yes. In this post we will provide an overview of a liquidity aggregation solution that we have developed here at Takeprofit.

alternative to primexm xcore

XCore allows forex market participants to manage their risks, regulate flow and control exposure in real-time, as well as report real-time and post trade to brokers, regulators and back-offices. XCore has a wide liquidity network of 250+ partners that allows it to provide an efficient and cost-effective exchange of liquidity and the support of multi-asset classes within the network.

Takeprofit Liquidity Hub is a similar order management and liquidity aggregation solution. It functions the same way and provides most of the features that XCore offers to the same audiences. It has a smaller liquidity network, which is represented by 50+ liquidity providers and wholesale brokers. Despite this fact, Takeprofit Hub offers some aggregation and tech support opportunities that XCore does not have.

Let’s have a closer look at the two solutions and compare their features.

Takeprofit Liquidity Hub — the Alternative to PrimeXM XCore

FeaturesTakeprofit HubXCore
Simple (best bid/best ask) aggregation
Advanced (volume based) aggregation
Different markups per Maker or Taker
Minimum and/or maximum spread settings
Percentage-based markup
Multiple price channels
Possibility of creating multiple symbols per one Maker symbol
Automatic switching between LPs if the main LP’s quote feed has stopped
Routing trades between A/B book by percentage
Routing trades between A/B book by volume
Net open position limits for Makers or Takers
Market-like delay
Optional extra slippage
Liquidity boost for volumes on book levels
Margin trading
Margin accounts
Margin protection
Market Watch in margin accountin xCore trader
Give-ups or coverage account on an MT side
Symbols and securities
Multi-asset support
Synthetic symbols
Non-FIX protocol LPs
Price multipliers
Corporate actions (dividends, taxes)additional tooladditional tool
Support, monitoring and reporting
24/7 support emergency line
Web UI for hub configuration
Web Terminal UI for tradingxCore Trader
Reporting for regulatorsthrough integration with regtech provider
Post-trade reporting
Rest API Support RabbitMQ API
SQL database
Analytical dashboards
Quote alerts for each of the asset/symbol
Alerting and notifications for essential errors

One More Outstanding Feature of Takeprofit Hub

Takeprofit Hub product team is open to any suggestions that would improve the solution. For example, Binance, Kraken and Alpaca connections were added upon our clients’ requests. We are flexible in discussing and adding features that are helpful for the hub users.


Takeprofit Hub is an alternative to PrimeXM XCore that offers similar functionality with fewer features.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Takeprofit Hub to check whether it satisfies your business needs. Our tech support specialists will install the solution within three days after you provide all the required information. Or you can install the product yourself according to the manual we provide.


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