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Copy Trader (Cross-server Social Trading Metatrader App)

Social Trading MT4 + Social Trading MT5

Takeprofit Copy Trader is a social trading Metatrader tool that lets inexperienced traders and those who don’t want to spend much time on trading (followers), to automatically copy trades of the more experienced traders (signal providers). The copied trades are executed.

Graphic User Interface

Our social trading Metatrader application has a graphic user interface as a separate web page. Your clients can use it standalone or we also can integrate it with a CRM or a website.

We can customize the design of the GUI in accordance with your brand book and any other kind of preferences:



Cross-server Social Trading MT4 + Social Trading MT5

The tool can copy trades from MT5 to MT4 and back. You can connect as many servers as you want and enable master from MT4/5 server to provide trading signals to traders from the same MT4/5 server and traders from any number of other servers, which can be either MT4 or MT5.


Here a master from MT5 server provides trading signals to followers from the same MT5 server and followers from two other servers:

Social Trading MT4 Social Trading MT5


Other Key Features of Social Trading Metatrader Tool


  • Variety of copying modes: lots, percentage, invert, etc.,
  • Traders can follow and unfollow any masters any time,
  • We can add features per your request.

Engaging for traders

  • Shows performance statistics of signal providers — pick the best ones to copy,
  • Filters providers according to their ROI, profit, instruments,
  • Any trader can play both roles at once: a provider and a follower.

Easy to manage

  • Monitor all traders who use the tool,
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe followers from signal providers,
  • Change the amount and period of providers’ fees.


$9,950 one-time payment, support is included

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    FAQ on Social Trading Metatrader App


    What is social trading in forex?

    Social trading in forex is a form of online trading where traders can interact with each other and copy trades of other traders through a social trading platform provided by a broker. Social trading allows traders to learn from and collaborate with other traders, making the process of trading more transparent, engaging, and social. For brokers, social trading can help attract new traders, increase customer retention, and create a sense of community among traders on their platform. Additionally, brokers can use social trading data to gain insights into trader behavior and improve their services.

    Does copy trader work on MT5?

    Copy trader is available on both Metatrader 5 and Metatrader 4. Brokers that use Takeprofit Cross-server Copy Trader can connect into a single net as many servers as they want. As an example, they can enable master traders from MT5 server to provide trading signals to traders from the same MT5 server and traders from any number of other servers, which can be either MT4 or MT5.

    Is there any difference between social trading MT4 and social trading MT5?

    Overall, both social trading on MT4 and MT5 platforms offer traders the opportunity to follow and copy other successful traders. However, the MT5 platform offers more advanced features and order types, including market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders. This can provide traders with more flexibility when copying trades from other traders.

    What is the difference between social trading metatrader app and the PAMM product?

    Social trading Metatader application and PAMM plugin are both investment management solutions, but there are some differences between the two:

    • Mechanism: In social trading Metatrader solution investors can follow and copy the trades of other successful traders. In contrast, in PAMM, investors allocate their funds to a manager who trades on their behalf.
    • Control: In social trading investors have more control over their investments as they can decide which traders to follow and copy, as well as they can stop copying any time. On the other hand, in PAMM investors have less control over their investments as the manager makes all the trading decisions.
    • Profit distribution: In social trading Metatrader solution profits and losses are distributed proportionally to the amount of funds invested in a specific trader. In contrast, in PAMM profits and losses are distributed according to the percentage of funds allocated to each investor by the manager.
    • Fees: In social trading investors may pay a commission to the traders they follow, while in PAMM investors pay a performance fee to the manager based on the profits generated.Overall, both social trading and PAMM offer different investment opportunities with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of our clients offer their traders both investment models.

    How can forex brokers earn from offering to their clients?

    Here are four tips for a forex broker to earn on social trading offering for his traders:

    • Ensure transparent and fair trading conditions. Traders are more likely to trust your social trading offering if they know that they are trading in a transparent and fair environment. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the trading conditions you offer are clear, and the trades made by traders are executed fairly.
    • Provide a user-friendly service. The social trading service you offer should be easy to use and navigate, with clear instructions on how to follow and copy successful traders. A user-friendly interface will attract more traders, which in turn can increase your revenue.
    • Encourage active clients. Active traders are more likely to generate more profits, which means more commission for you as a forex broker. Therefore, it is essential to encourage traders to be active on your social trading platform by offering incentives such as lower fees or rebates based on the volume of trades made.
    • Promote successful traders. Promoting successful traders can help attract more traders to your service. By highlighting the performance of your top traders, you can showcase the potential profitability of your social trading offering and increase the number of traders willing to use your services.

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