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MT4 tools are plugins, applications, and extensions that integrate with the Metatrader 4 platform, enhancing its core functionality.

By leveraging MT4 tools, brokers can unlock unique opportunities not readily available on the platform. These include enhanced risk management options, discretionary fund management, and the ability to launch enticing reward-based promotional campaigns, attracting a larger client base.

Below are the examples of MT4 tools that are the subject of most frequent inquiries with Takeprofit Tech.

You can find a complete list of our tools on our Metatrader plugins page.

Popular MT4 Tools from Takeprofit

Managing brokers’ and traders’ risks

Dynamic Leverage for setting up traders’ margin and leverage levels,

Quote Watcher for stopping trading if the quotes are not updating,

Real Margin Stopout for preventing a trader from spending a broker’s credit if he already lost his own money,

Stopout Email Notifier for informing traders about StopOut and MarginCall events in their trading accounts.

Liquidity management

Liquidity Hub for managing liquidity aggregation and streams,

Liquidity Bridge for routing trader’s orders between A-book and B-book.

Trader engagement

Bonus Cashback for launching promotions when after each closed trade, a client receives a cashback based on the size of the trade,

CopyTrader for offering your clients active investment opportunities,

Easy Multi Account Manager for offering your clients passive investment opportunities.

Enabling crypto trading

Crypto Adaptor for receiving orders from a trading platform and passing them on to a Crypto exchange; and vice versa – for receiving quotes from a Crypto exchange and providing them to a trading platform.

Simplifying data management

Database compression for decreasing the file size of Metatrader 4 databases,

Deal-Bid-Ask Recorder for calculating commissions for your traders,

Trade Mover for transferring a position from one account to another.

Custom Development of MT4 Tools

Our team at Takeprofit Tech has been developing solutions for the financial markets, and specifically the forex market, since 2013. You can familiarize yourself with some of our custom projects and the pricing. Most of these custom projects were developed for the MT4 platform.

We are open to discussing the specific solution that you need. Please contact us.

Product Bundles

Our most in-demand products are included in product bundles, which provide comprehensive help with solving specific tasks that a forex broker has to deal with. They include risk management optimization and improvement, active client engagement in trading, etc.

Special Prices on MT4 Tools for Startups

We are happy to support young brokerages and offer startups discounts on most of our ready-made and product bundles.

Fill out the form and find out if you meet the startup criteria. We respond to all inquiries within one business day.


In conclusion, Metatrader 4 is a popular trading platform used by traders in the forex and CFD markets. Overall, MT4 tools can be valuable resources for forex brokers and traders, providing them with the ability to analyze markets, automate trading strategies, and manage risk effectively. 

MT4 tools for brokers can contribute to a smooth and efficient brokerage operation, help brokers deliver quality services to their clients, and enhance their competitiveness in the market. However, it’s important for brokers to ensure that they comply with regulatory requirements, follow best practices, and provide transparent and reliable services to their clients.

Forex brokers should do their research, read reviews, and test out different Metatrader tools before making a purchase decision. Additionally, solution providers like our company, Brokeree or B2Broker always offer free trials of their products.



— What are MT4 tools?

— MT4 tools is a complex of custom-made, third-party plugins aimed at improving the experience of brokers with the platform by providing more advanced features than those available in regular versions of Metatrader 4.

— Why do brokers need MT4 tools?

— MT4 tools can help brokers offer their clients better trading decisions, as well as improve their business’ performance. By providing access to more markets and offering more advanced features like risk or liquidity management solutions as well as crypto trading, MT4 tools provide a more comprehensive and advanced experience on top of the capabilities of the vanilla Metatrader 4.

— Who makes MT4 tools?

— MT4 tools are made by our team at Takeprofit Tech. We provide forex brokers and liquidity providers with a variety of products made in-house, from automatic trade execution tools to complex order management systems. With the purchase of our plugins and apps, our customers also become entitled to exhaustive 24/7 support.

— What is the pricing for MT4 tools? 

— The pricing for such tools can vary widely depending on the type of tool, the functionality it provides, and the provider. Here are some factors that can affect the pricing:

  • White labeling: Some MT4 tool providers may offer white labeling services that allow brokers to customize the tools with their own branding. This can add to the cost of the tools.
  • Subscription fees: Some MT4 tool providers charge brokers a monthly or yearly subscription fee to use their tools. The cost of the subscription can depend on the number of tools the broker needs and the level of support provided by the provider.
  • Volume discounts: Some providers may offer volume discounts for brokers who purchase a large number of tools or licenses.
  • Customization fees: If the broker requires customization of the tools to fit their specific needs, there may be additional customization fees. 

Some MT4 tools are available almost for free, like $100 per month, while others, like liquidity bridges, cost thousands of dollars. It’s important to note that the pricing for MT4 tools is not always indicative of their quality or effectiveness. 

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