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MT4 Tools

MT4 tools (short for Metatrader 4 tools) are plugins, applications and extensions that integrate with the Metatrader 4 platform to extend its core functionality.

MT4 tools provide the broker with opportunities that the platform does not provide on its own. These include additional risk management options, discretionary management of traders’ funds, and the launch of various reward-based promotional campaigns to attract new clients.

Below are the examples of MT4 tools that are the subject of most frequent inquiries with Takeprofit Tech.

A complete list of our Metatrader 4 tools is available here.

Popular MT4 Tools from Takeprofit

Managing brokers’ and traders’ risks

Liquidity management with Metatrader 4 tools

Trader engagement

  • Bonus Cashback for launching promotions when after each closed trade, a client receives a cashback based on the size of the trade,
  • CopyTrader for offering your clients active investment opportunities,
  • Easy Multi Account Manager for offering your clients passive investment opportunities.

Enabling crypto trading

  • Crypto Adaptor for receiving orders from a trading platform and passing them on to a Crypto exchange; and vice versa – for receiving quotes from a Crypto exchange and providing them to a trading platform.

Simplifying data management

Custom Development of Metatrader 4 Tools

Our team at Takeprofit Tech has been developing solutions for the financial markets, and specifically the forex market, since 2013. You can familiarize yourself with some of our custom projects and the pricing. Most of these custom projects were developed for the MT4 platform.

We are open to discussing the specific solution that you need. Please contact us.

MT4 Tool Bundles

Our most in-demand products are included in product bundles, which provide comprehensive help with solving specific tasks that a forex broker has to deal with. They include risk management optimization and improvement, active client engagement in trading, etc.

Special Prices on MT4 Tools for Startups

We are happy to support young brokerages and offer startups discounts on most of our ready-made Metatrader 4 tools and product bundles.

Fill out the form and find out if you meet the startup criteria. We respond to all inquiries within one business day.


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