Server Hosting and Support

Our support team has extensive experience in maintaining the MetaTrader platform and server hosting. We ensure system stability 24/7 using monitoring.

Advantages of Takeprofit Server Hosting and Support

  • Time and money saving
    There is no need to hire and teach your own System Administrators and Technical Support Specialists. Entrust technical requests to our professional team.
  • Stable functioning of the MT platform and its components (plugins, tools etc.)
    We will take care of your infrastructure while you care for your clients.


What We Offer

1) MT4/MT5 live, demo, backup servers installation

– Assistance with choosing the server machine with required hardware;
– Windows preparation for the MT platform’s installation;
– Setting up the MT5 cluster, including: Main Trade, History, Access, Backup servers;
– Setting up Main and Backup servers for MT4/MT5 server;
– MT Administrator & MT Manager installation;
– Adding trading symbol’s historical data (the option of adding historical data depends on API capabilities of the historical data source);
– Data feeds configuration.


  • Single MT4/MT5 server installation: 499$
  • MT4/MT5 complete package (Live, Demo, Backup): 1,299$
2) MT4/MT5 live, demo, backup servers configuration

– MT4/MT5 platforms backup configuration with test switching on backup;
– Data export to SQL configuration;
– Creation, configuration, removal of trading symbols;
– Creation, configuration, removal of groups;
– Creation, configuration, removal of trading accounts;
– Symbol swap configuration;
– Holidays configuration;
– Symbol trading session configuration;
– Configuration of MT4/MT5 administrators and managers, and their rights;
– Configuration of routing rules in MT5.


  • Single MT4/MT5 server installation: 1,499$
  • MT4/MT5 complete package (Live, Demo, Backup): 3,999$
3) MT4/MT5 server support

– MT4/MT5 server status monitoring;
– MT4/MT5 price feed monitoring;
– Emergency line.

During support working hours:
– MT4/MT5 database monitoring and compression;
– MT4/MT5 server update;
– MT4/MT5 server migration;
– MT4/MT5 server restart;
– Investigation and resolving the reasons for the server’s operational instability;
– Changing trading conditions;
– Changing server configuration (adding, removing or re-configuring: groups, symbols, accounts, holidays, trading sessions; changing MT5 routing rules);
– Adding historical data when charts are lost.   

1,199$ month, all services included

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