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MT5 tools are all the solutions developed by third parties that complement the capabilities of brokers and liquidity providers operating on the Metatrader 5 trading platform.


Metatrader 5 is a functional multi-asset information trading platform that allows brokerages to work with many symbol types, including investment funds and ETFs, analyze business performance and offer a smooth trading experience to traders.

Besides the basic platform features, there are a dozen reputable technology providers that offer a range of plugins, extensions and applications aimed at helping brokers fine-tune their work on this trading platform and enhance its capabilities. Such products are called MT5 tools.

Making sense of numerous solutions can be tedious and time-consuming, so in this post, the Takeprofit team will introduce you to the main MT5 tool classes based on the type of tasks they help brokerages and liquidity providers solve. We will also provide examples of the most popular MT5 tools — the ones that clients inquire about most often.


metatrader 5 tools

An Overview of Essential MT5 Tools

Execution of clients’ trades

Execution of clients’ trades

Liquidity Bridge. This MT5 tool routes trades to liquidity providers for execution.

Liquidity Hub. Aggregates liquidity and manages where and how trades are executed.

Takeprofit FIX Acceptor. Imports transactions to the MetaTrader 5 platform via the FIX protocol.

Managing risks

Managing risks

Anti-Fake Account. Detects accounts that are using the same IP address to prevent brokers’ services from being abused.

Max Position Exposure. Limits the number of open positions per trader.

Risk Profiling. Recognizes malicious clients.

Negative Balance Protection. Does not allow the balance to go into the red.

Attracting traders

Attracting traders with MT 5 tools

Bonus Cashback. Rewards customers after each transaction.

Dividend Allocation Script. Allows to distribute dividends between clients.

Easy Multi Account Manager. Allows to entrust your funds to more experienced traders.

Copy Trader. Allows to copy trades of more experienced traders.

XMAM. Allows to use experienced traders as trading symbols, where the price of such a symbol will be the loss or profit that the trader receives by trading.

Margin trading

Margin trading

Dynamic Leverage. Sets the dynamic leverage for traders, including on schedule.

Managing data

Managing data

Broker Dashboard. Provides brokers with up-to-date information on company performance.

Inactive Accounts Cleaner. Detects and marks inactive accounts for archiving.

KYC Locker. Initiates the KYC procedure if a client’s capital exceeds the value established by the Indonesian regulatory rules.

Server Teleportation Service. Allows to transfer WL broker data between Metatrader servers.

Also check out the complete list of ready-to-use MT5 tools — we have a total of 60 instruments.

Learn about solution pricing by going to the specific page of each solution.

Custom Development of MT5 Tools

Since 2013, our team has also been developing custom solutions for forex brokers and liquidity providers around the world. So, if you could not find the specific product that would help solve your current problem on our MT5 tool list, you can always contact us for advice. We can either modify any of our existing solutions or develop a product from scratch.

You can see the principles of our custom development, examples of projects and prices on a separate page, where we talk about it in detail.

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