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The terms “turnkey brokerage solutions”, “turnkey broker solutions”, and “forex turnkey solutions”, “mt4 solutions” refer to pre-built, customizable software for launching and enhancing brokerage business processes. Here at Takeprofit Tech we offer turnkey MT4 and MT5 products and services since 2013.


We are industry experts in forex turnkey solution development and Metatrader 4/5 platform servicing. Our comprehensive products allow brokers, liquidity providers and exchanges to optimize their business and create a unique service offer by fine-tuning their trading platform.

What We Offer

turnkey broker solutions

Turnkey broker solutions
from small automation bonus tools to complex risk management solutions.

Pick ready-made products from a variety of our ready-made products for MT4 and MT5.
forex turnkey solution

Custom development
10 years of end-to-end MT custom development and 47 custom projects.

Fine-tune your trading platform and create a unique service offer with our dedicated development team.
turnkey mt4

Technical consultation
a wealth of insights and ready-made code that can facilitate your professional tasks.

Get unmatched health audits of your brokerage systems and technical setup. Learn insights into FX business from a team that has seen some shit.

Our MT5 / MT4 Solutions are Trusted By

151 clients from all over the world have chosen our turnkey brokerage solutions. Here are some of them:

First State Futures
Hantec Global
Key To Markets
Takeprofittech's partner
invest AZ
limit markets
Bethle Aster Global Investment Ltd.
Global Liquidity
panda trading systems
delta stock
alpha tradex
GIC Markets
Takeprofittech's partner
alpha tradex
solidary markets fx
Noor Capital PSC
Takeprofittech's partner
Alchemy Markets Trade
Takeprofittech's partner
itrade solution
Scope markets

Our Most In-Demand Forex Turnkey Solutions

Takeprofit Liquidity Hub. An ultra-low latency liquidity aggregation and risk management turnkey brokerage solution with high-grade 24/7 tech support for liquidity providers, retail and institutional brokers. Per your request we can connect this product to any FIX or non-FIX liquidity provider, exchange or other liquidity hub.

Risk Management Panel. A turnkey broker solution to manage B-book and configure price request processing by setting different markups for different symbols and different trading conditions for different traders. This is one of our MT4 solutions that prevent toxic customers from exploiting flaws in the B-book method using scalping, news trading, and super fast EA.

Copy Trader. One of our social trading turnkey broker solutions that particularly allows newbie traders to copy trades of experienced traders in different ways: lots, percentage, invert copying.

Easy MAM. Another turnkey MT4 / MT5 social trading application that allows organizing mini hedge funds where newbie traders can entrust their money to professional traders. This money management product has an easy-to-use administrative GUI program that can be used by brokers, white labels, and money managers.

Dynamic Leverage. Turnkey MT4 / MT5 plugin that allows brokers to change the traders’ trading account leverage based on their exposure or open positions.The schedule feature allows to change the leverage based on a pre-set schedule. It reduces the risk for the broker during news time or other dangerous moments.

Equity Stopout. A turnkey brokerage solution that sets stop out level and triggers stop out for all their open trades when stop out equity level is reached.

Max Position Exposure. A turnkey brokerage solution that allows to set the limits for open positions for the traders and do not let them exceed these limits.

Other Turnkey Brokerage Solutions from Takeprofit Tech

Liquidity management

Risk management

Daily StopOut

Closes open positions of the trader and restrict the ability to trade when specified conditions are met

Emergency Call Center

Performs a voice announcement to the phone number specified in the settings if there is no connection to the server or new information on symbols is not received

Negative Balance Protection

Allows to comply with the European Securities and Markets Authority regulations by preventing the situations when the trader’s balance drops below zero

Quote Watcher

Stops trades for selected symbols if quotes are not updating

Bonus management forex turnkey solutions

Bonus Cashback

Metatrader plugin that allows to launch promotion for its clients. After each closed trade, a client receives a cashback based on the size of the trade

Bonus Deposit

Creates credit operation every time the account balance is deposited

Extra IB Compensation

Allows to launch a promotion for agents and introducing brokers (IB), and pay rewards based on milestones they achieve

Swap management

Swap Blocker

Blocks swap charges for specified trade accounts, if these accounts do not meet the conditions set by the broker

Swap Manager

Allows convenient configuration and automatic import of swaps from a .csv file

Swap Free

Blocks swap charges and replaces them by balance operations with the same amount of money as a swap fee

White label management forex turnkey solutions

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Get a Free Trial of Any Turnkey Broker Solution

You are welcome to get a demo setup and test any of our turnkey broker solutions for two weeks.

Try out any product for free to make an informed choice that will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

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    Benefit from Takeprofit Tech Customer Care

    emergency hotline

    24/7 emergency hotline support for our turnkey brokerage solutions

    chat support

    Dedicated Telegram chart support

    20-minute response time

    20-minute response time for email and Telegram requests during working hours

    We configure our MT5 and MT4 solutions ourselves on all support levels. It usually takes from two to four hours on a weekend. 

    If you want your team to configure our turnkey broker solutions, then we will provide you with the detailed documentation. Plugins check their compatibility with the MT4/5 configuration automatically. In some cases, a plugin can solve a problem independently. In all other cases, our customer care team is happy to assist you.

    Turnkey MT4 and MT5: Final Words

    Forex turnkey solutions can be beneficial for anyone looking to start or scale a brokerage business, including entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and existing businesses looking to expand their offerings.

    However, it’s essential to carefully research and compare different forex turnkey solutions before choosing one. Look for a provider with a solid reputation, industry experience, and comprehensive support services to ensure a successful launch and subsequent operation of your company.

    By choosing our turnkey brokerage solutions, you can focus on your core business while leaving the technical aspects of running a brokerage to us. This will save you time, resources, and money in the long run.


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