B-book Trade Processor (Ashira)

Ashira is a server risk management MT4 plugin designed for automatic execution of client trades

Ashira is an essential forex risk management tool for those Forex brokers who run B-book to take the other side of trades.

Using this forex risk management tool MT4 you can configure price request processing, eliminating risks arising from B-book execution of trades against a real-time price feed.

The risk management MT4 panel allows you to set:

  • different markups for different symbols,
  • different trading conditions for different traders according to their trading patterns.

How Our Forex Risk Management Tool Works

Execution Rules Configuration 

In the GUI program, in Excel-like table, you set the rules for when a particular order should be executed:

risk management tool mt4
Trade execution rules configuration for risk manager MT4


Spread Management

Ashira allows to increase spread for some symbols for a certain period of time. Like news, opening of the market on Monday, times when price feed speed is slower than usual.

Configuration of Spread Management is also very simple and is done via Excel-like table:

risk management mt4
Spread management configuration tab for risk manager MT4


The plugin manages B-book risks that arise from executing clients’ trades against a real-time price feed. This accomplishes the following:

  • Prevents traders from exploiting flaws in B-book execution via scalping, news trading, and fast Expert Advisors.
  • Provides flexible control of slippages for different clients and different market conditions.

You Might Need the Risk Management MT4 Plugin If

  • You don’t STP your full volume
  • You see that some traders are earning too much using fast Expert Advisors
  • You see that some traders are earning too much using scalping or arbitrage strategies
  • You see that at news time some traders are earning too much
  • You want to manage execution for such traders


  • Flexibility. Trades can be filtered by multiple parameters: symbols, groups, logins, zip codes, volumes, trade types (open/close, SL/TP, pending orders, stop-out activation), current price feed speed for a given symbol.
  • Invisibility: market-like behaviour through randomized delays and slippages.
  • Mobility: trade execution rules can be changed on the fly, without server restart.
  • Full compatibility with other risk management tools and liquidity bridges.
  • Support of instant execution.
  • Multiple risk profiles.
  • Ability to pass trades to execute manually.
  • Option to add execution price on tick chart.
  • Ability to set special execution rules during news.
  • Ability to markup spreads during news.

Support of Forex Risk Management Tool

Installation the solution can be performed by our support team to ensure smooth and trouble-free integration of the service. 

Along with Ashira you get these paid support plan features for free:

Risk management MT4

email and Telegram support during business hours,

Risk management tool MT4

emergency 24/7 support hotline,

risk manager mt4

updates to ensure that all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows.

Our developers are focused on delivering customized features to cater to your specific needs.


Example price for a single MT4 server and a single White Label

Monthly feeSetup fee
$899$240 one-time

Ashira is included in the Risk Management discount bundle.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying on Risk Manager MT4

    Flexible features and professional help

    One of the most helpful features of Ashira is the volatility option, when you can add a rule and reject transactions from some scalper if the pricing for a symbol freezes for a specific period. In our search for a solution we have also reached out to T4B. Frankly speaking, their features are not really flexible compared with Ashira. Moreover, we get professional help any time when there are any questions regarding product settings. The only thing we are missing is Chinese-speaking support personnel.

    Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request

    Smoothness and connectivity without fail so far

    We use Takeprofit Bridge, Ashira and Swap Manager. Their most important features – smoothness and connectivity without fail so far. Tech support provided in chats is very handy. However, a simpler way to understand how to operate Ashira and the bridge would be great. As well as a multi language option, for example, Mandarin.

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