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What are Metatrader tools? How do Metatrader tools help forex brokers manage their business? And what essential Metatrader tools are there on the forex market? Our post will provide answers to these questions. As well as explain why even Metatrader 5 might need its custom Metatrader 5 tools.
Metatrader Tools

What are Metatrader Tools?

Metatrader 4 and 5 trading platforms initially don’t offer a great choice of features that allow brokers to manage risks, engage clients and play with charges. That is why a separate niche of software developer companies who create tools compatible with Metatrader has appeared. All the tools they develop — server plugins, applications, extensions, add-ons — that are compatible with Metatrader and enhance its capabilities can be called Metatrader tools.

Compatibility with third-party tools is one of the key reasons why MetaQuotes’ software solutions are popular among forex brokers and liquidity providers.

Why Do Brokers Need Metatrader Tools?

As we mentioned above, MT4/5 platforms don’t provide brokers with many features, just a basic option to organise trading. In its turn, Metatrader tools offer plenty of features and serve a variety of purposes. From must-have risk-management to marketing with bonus management and gamification components.

Thus, Metatrader tools assist brokers in managing their businesses and making them more profitable.

Despite the fact that MT5 is the latest version of Metatrader even it needs additional Metatrader 5 tools form third-party developers. 

If there is no Metatrader 5 tool with a specific feature on the market, a broker can discuss and order a custom-made product from any solution provider. For example, here at Takeprofit Tech.

Essential Metatrader Tools

Here you can find the list of the most essential ready-made Metatrader tools and get a two-week free trial of either one.

You can also check the full list of the solutions and services provided by Takeprofit.

Liquidity management


Customer acquisition and engagement

  • Bonus Cashback enables you to offer promotions to your clients, where the amount of cashback depends on the size of the transaction.
  • Copy Trader allows inexperienced traders to copy the trades of more experienced ones.
  • Easy Multi Account Manager (EasyMAM) lets forex brokers organize mini-hedge funds for their traders on Metatrader trading platforms.
  • PAMM allows to set up investment management systems.
  • X Multi Account Manager (XMAM) gives your clients the opportunity to follow the strategies of successful traders right from their MT5 terminal app.

Risk management

  • Dynamic Leverage simplifies margin management for brokers.
  • Equity Stopout allows you to set the required level of equity, at which open positions will be automatically closed.
  • Matching Engine helps to match transactions as if they were made on an exchange, which makes traders trade with each other, and not just against a broker.
  • Max Position Exposure limits the number of open positions for traders.
  • Quote Monitoring tool checks the log files of the MT4 trading platform and Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge and monitors pricing and performance issues.
  • Real Margin Stopout allows to deduct credit on an MT4 account when the client has lost all his money.
  • Spread Management reduces your risk by increasing the spread for a certain period of time when it may be necessary — for example, if the price movement is slower than usual or during the market opening.
  • StopOut Email Notifier informs your customers about StopOuts and MarginCalls by email.
  • Takeprofit Desk.

Commission and swap management

  • Commission Converter changes the standard Metatrader commission mode and allows you to set commissions in the “Currency per million USD traded” format.
  • Deal-Bid-Ask Recorder records bid and ask values at the moment of each transaction happening in each trade account, helping you calculate client commissions.
  • Swap Manager allows a convenient swap configuration and automatic import of swaps from .csv files.

Data management

  • Broker Dashboard collects and provides reports on broker performance: earnings, new accounts, deposits, withdrawals, etc.
  • Inactive Accounts Cleaner marks inactive accounts for deletion to enable built-in MetaTrader archivation.
  • Trade Mover allows to move trades between accounts, regardless of whether they are profitable or not.

Custom Development of Metatrader Tools

Our devs team also provides custom development.

If you haven’t found a solution that satisfies your needs, please contact us. We would be happy to learn about your business and its needs, advise you and provide our project estimate.

Learn more about the whole custom development procedure and some of our projects.

Get a two-week fully functional trial of any of our Metatrader tools.

We’ll contact you within one business day.

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    Takeprofit Tech also offers Product Bundles. Product Bundles is a convenient and cost-efficient way to acquire several metatrader tools depending on your company’s stage of evolution and the goals you want to achieve.


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