Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge (Kloshira)

A server plugin for profitable and secure A-book or A+B-book execution

Takeprofit MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge lets you route customer trades between A-book and B-book without server restart, using a simple user interface.

Supports all trade types and securities, including Forex, CFDs, Indices, Stocks, and Crypto.


The Bridge executes the client’s orders through a brokerage account with the liquidity provider and confirms the execution price. It routes the liquidity provider’s price feed to your server with the proper markup for each instrument.


This tool functions as a dealer and can process the trades it receives. You can set different conditions of execution for different traders or groups of traders.

How It Works

The markup settings and routing for all symbols are managed using a simple configuration tool.

The Bridge natively supports over 30 liquidity providers. We will add any additional providers at your request.

Liquidity bridge

The markups set in the configuration program are added to group markups. Traders see the prices via a market watch, which already includes the markups specified in the configuration program.

Liquidity Bridge

Fully functional Liquidity Bridge for 2 weeks.
Personal assistance from our specialist free of change.


WL-friendly: each white label broker can have their own bridge with independent LP and symbol configuration

Full interoperability with third-party solutions: bridges, MAMs, commission plugins, virtual dealers

Sophisticated hedging strategies available using coverage multipliers and reverse trading

The best bid/ask aggregation engine without margin control

High load resistance: up to 1500 quotes per second and tick-to-trade latency of less than 30ms for small numbers of clients

Built-in real-time server and bridge health monitoring system, integrated with our technical support desk

Slippage control for SL/TP and Limit orders

Auto-detection and reporting of incorrect group settings

Lightweight — a single file with no databases

Сompatible with both FIX and non-FIX liquidity providers (JSON, Protobuf protocols)

Сompatible with standard MT4/MT5 backup services

Includes the ability to save information about deals to the liquidity provider’s MySQL database using the separate Execution Reporter tool. This tool can be installed at the client’s request free of charge.

Liquidity Bridge Support

Installation can be performed by our support team to ensure smooth and trouble-free integration of the service. This is offered to you free of charge.

Along with Liquidity Hub you get these paid support plan features for free:

– email, Telegram, and Skype support during business hours
– emergency 24/7 support hotline
– updates to ensure that all products work with the latest versions of MetaTrader platforms and Windows
– developers devoted to finding solutions to your personal needs


Example price for a single MT4/MT5 server

Setup: ‎$1,999
Volume fee: B-book — $0.50 per million; A-book — $1 per million; minimum $999 per month

We also offer a lightweight promo package for startups, companies that only want to receive quotes, and those who want to try out the Bridge.

Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge is included in the Essential discount bundle.


To provide you with an accurate estimate we need to learn a little about your technical requirements and business needs.
Please fill out the form below so that we can reach out to you with a few questions. We’ll contact you within one business day.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    The plugin is easy to use and setting the rules using its GUI is a breeze

    We like everything about Takeprofit Bridge. The plugin is easy to use and setting the rules using its GUI is a breeze. We needed to create sub-liquidities (different margin accounts derived from a single bridge) and we appreciate the Takeprofit team got the whole idea. The documentation is great and the tech support is top-notch. We can be sure that we will receive the best technical support every time we need to connect either new symbols, new securities or new sessions to different liquidity providers. Takeprofit is very understanding of our needs, and we’ve never been let down by their work. We appreciate the prompt responses and willingness to schedule weekend tasks.  It’s hard for me to think of what’s missing in their work. I guess, having a visual of how things work could sometimes help.

    Angel Dinarte, IT Director at Smart Broker Solutions
    liquidity bridge



    Smoothness and connectivity without fail so far

    We use Takeprofit Bridge, Dealer and Swap Manager. Their most important features – smoothness and connectivity without fail so far. Tech support provided in chats is very handy. However, a simpler way to understand how to operate the Dealer and the Bridge would be great. As well as a multi language option, for example, Mandarin.
    liquidity bridge review


    So fast and easy to handle

    Your Liquidity Bridge is so fast and easy to handle that we felt the difference to other competitors immediately! Furthermore, we are deeply impressed about the professionalism of the entire Team. Thank you for the very good support and the very fair conditions that you offer!


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