Dynamic Leverage

plugin allowing Forex brokers to configure and manage margin and leverage levels for all clients

The tool allows to set custom leverage for any trading account according to its exposure or volume of open positions. Works with MT4/MT5 platforms.

You can create as many rules as you need. This helps to maintain a balance: you can offer exciting trading conditions for some of your clients but keep safe from the activity of others.

The settings can be changed at any moment. And they will be applied on the fly.

Larger Leverage With Less Risks


The tool reduces your trading risk.

The larger leverage your client uses – the more he can earn. Thus, the more you can lose.


The plugin protects you against clients’ negative balances.

When your client encounters a negative balance you lose money at the liquidity provider’s side.

Fully-functional Dynamic Leverage for 2 weeks.
Personal assistance of our specialist. Free of change.

Installation And Support Of Dynamic Leverage

Installation of the tool can be done by our support team to ensure that the service is installed correctly. This is of charge.

Together with the Dynamic Leverage plugin you get:
– email and telegram requests support within working hours,
– free updates of the solution that ensure it works with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows OS.


Startup brokers – $150/month, minimum purchase is 3 month
Professional – $400/month
Enterprise – $600/month, for large established companies

Is your broker a startup?

< 66-1212-3636

< 1 0001 000-2 0002 000-5 000> 5 000

< 1 0001 000-5 0005 000-10 000> 10 000

You are welcome to find out whether you qualify for the best price.

We will be back with the proper price within one workday.

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