Custom Development

From small automation tools to complex trading solutions


Our team has 7 years of expertise in end-to-end MT4/MT5 custom development, and has delivered 47 custom projects to 20+ satisfied clients.

  • We have a wealth of ready-made code and designs that can reduce development time and costs.
  • Prior to signing a contract, we clarify and coordinate all the subtle points that may not have occurred to you.
  • We provide weekly development updates so that you can track and control the process.
  • We also provide health audits of brokerage systems and technical setup.


Some of Our Projects

1 week/ $1,800

White Label brokers use this tool to manually transfer trades between MT4 accounts without having MT4 admin access.

2 weeks/ $3,600

This plugin exports data from the MetaTrader server to a MySQL database. It exports the bid and ask price, spread, contract size, and symbol name of each trade, making it possible to calculate custom commissions based on the recorded data.

BitFinex Exchange Adapter for Global Liquidity

3 weeks

This adapter is used to convert FIX API trades to the BitFinex API, allowing MT4 and MT5 clients to receive quotes and send trades to the exchange.

4 months / $18,000

The bridge is used to automate the reception of currency exchange requests from a broker’s clients using the MT4 platform.

4 months/ $20,000

The purpose of this system is to allocate client trades between market makers.

You are welcome to discuss any of your product ideas.

Please, leave us any of your contacts so that we can reach out to you. We’ll contact you within one business day.

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    Development Procedure

     StageWhat we doWhat you doDuration
    (work days)
    1DiscussionWe arrange a call with you to ask questions on what you’re looking for, what you’ve tried, what you liked and didn’t.You answer our questions during the call, share your vision, answer follow-up questions via Skype/email. You also provide us with technical details that are necessary for the project


    2Brief descriptionBased on our understanding, we make an approximate description of a solution we propose, approximate budget and time estimations.You confirm that proposed solution fits your needs, budget and deadlines. If it doesn’t, we go back to the Discussion stage to improve our understanding, and to see if we can throw away some features to make things cheaper and faster.


    3Technical descriptionWe develop an in-depth technical description, describing all the minor technical details of implementationYou confirm that the list of proposed features is complete, and we can start estimating the real cost and duration


    4Cost and duration estimationBased on your confirmed technical description, our developers estimate the complexity and duration. Based on those factors, we calculate the cost of the project and estimated delivery dates.You confirm that you accept the price and the development duration. If you don’t, we go back to the Discussion stage to see, what features we can sacrifice to make the project cheaper and faster to deliver.


    5Contract signingWe prepare the agreement that contains the confirmed technical description and price.You sign the agreement and pay half of the price.


    6Start of developmentAfter we receive the first payment, development starts on the nearest TuesdayYou remain available for weekly trial and feedback until active project development ends, to make sure we meet the estimated deadlines. Deadlines cannot be met without this crucial step.


    7Weekly iterationWe develop, test, and deliver the product to you weekly, with gradually more features each week.You try the product every week, confirming that we’re moving in the proper direction. You also sign weekly acceptance letters for the features that are already done, confirming that features are implemented correctly.Depends on compexity of the project, and on how diligently you participate in weekly product feature reviews.
    8End of active developmentOnce all of the features have been implemented, we send you the last acceptance letter for signing, and an invoice for remaining money for development.You confirm that the features from the last week of development have been implemented correclty (all the features working since weeks before will have been confirmed by prior acceptance letters by that time). You pay the final development invoice.


    9Ongoing supportWe provide training and technical support for your staff, deploy the product, fix bugs, help with configuration.You give us feedback, pay for technical support as per our agreement, and hopefully recommend our services to your friends.For as long as our product helps you make money

    Takeprofit FIX Acceptor

    Takeprofit FIX Acceptor is a server plugin that allows to get the trades via FIX protocol and put them into MetaTrader 5.

    The user connects to the FIX acceptor using FIX credentials that were made in ClientSessions.ini of the FIX Acceptor. After connection succeeded the user is able to open deals on MetaTrader 5 platform.


    Example price for a single MT5 server

    Setup: $999
    Volume fee: $0.5 per 1 million USD traded, minimum $499 per month

    FIX API Splitter

    FIX API Splitter is a separate service that connects to the Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge and allows to create multiple FIX-sessions for providing liquidity or for FIX-trading without server restart.

    It also reduces MetaTrader server loading by reducing the number of connections.

    The add-on works with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.


    Startup – $199/month (3-month minimum)
    Professional – $399/month
    Enterprise – $699/month (for large established companies only)

    Is your company a startup?

    Send us this form to find out whether you qualify for our startup pricing program. We will review it and answer you within one workday.

      Less than 66—1212—36Over 36

      Less than 10001000—20002000—5000Over 5000

      Less than 10001000—50005000—10 000Over 10 000

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