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Liquidity soft solutions (also known as liquidity solution for brokers or liquidity soft solutions forex) refers to software and services that help financial institutions, such as brokers and banks, to access and manage liquidity in financial markets. This includes connecting to liquidity providers, managing risks, and optimizing trading performance.


Types of Liquidity Soft Solutions

Here at Takeprofit Tech we offer several kinds of liquidity soft solutions:

  1. Takeprofit Liquidity Hub is one of our liquidity soft solutions (forex) that provides liquidity aggregation from multiple liquidity providers and manages risks.
  2. Takeprofit Liquidity Bridge is a liquidity solution for brokers who run A-book and need to connect their trading server to a liquidity provider to get quotes and execute customers’ trades.
  3. Crypto Adapter is a liquidity solution for brokers that receives trades from a trading server and passes them on to crypto exchanges to execute. In return it also receives quotes from crypto exchanges and provides them to a trading server.
  4. FIX API Splitter is one of our liquidity soft solutions (forex) that lets brokers create multiple FIX sessions for providing liquidity or for FIX trading without server restart.
  5. Takeprofit FIX Acceptor is one of our liquidity soft solutions that allows brokers to receive trades via FIX protocol and import them into MetaTrader 5.

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    How to Select a Liquidity Solution for Brokers?

    Here are five factors to consider when selecting a liquidity solution for brokers:

    1. Liquidity providers. One of the most critical factors to consider is the range of liquidity providers that the solution can connect to. Brokers should look for a solution that can connect them to a diverse range of liquidity providers to ensure competitive pricing and fast execution.
      Here at Takeprofit we can connect you to any FIX and non-FIX liquidity provider.
    2. Technology. The technology behind the liquidity solution is also crucial. Brokers should look for a solution that is reliable, scalable, and has a fast execution speed. A robust and scalable technology infrastructure can help to ensure that the broker can handle high trading volumes and provide a stable trading environment for their clients.
    3. Risk management. The liquidity soft solutions (forex) should offer robust risk management tools to help brokers manage their exposure to market risk. This can include tools for monitoring and managing margin requirements, monitoring order flow, and controlling slippage.
    4. Integration. The liquidity solution should be easy to integrate into the broker’s existing technology stack. This can help to minimize disruption to the broker’s operations and ensure a smooth transition to the new liquidity solution.
    5. Support. Finally, brokers should look for a liquidity solution that offers strong customer support. This can include training and onboarding support, technical support, and ongoing account management to ensure that the broker is getting the most out of the solution. Good customer support can also help brokers to resolve issues quickly and minimize downtime for their clients.
      Takeprofit tech support assists clients 24/7. We have a support hotline, as well as email and Telegram chat support.

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