How to Improve a Google AdWords Campaign of a Forex Broker

The pay-per-click advertising in Google AdWords is one of the marketing instruments we are using at Takeprofit Technology. We have found interesting tips that are really useful on the Forex brokering market. In this article you can find some advice about Google AdWords for Forex brokers.

More or less, you should already know about Google AdWords. Here is a screenshot of AdWords advertisements for the search term “open forex account.”

How To Improve A Google AdWords Campaign Of A Forex Broker All ads have different sizes, locations, headings, text, and links. The performance of each one is also different. Some of them will bring new customers to your business. Others will just spend your marketing budget.

How to Make the Biggest Advertisement

One of the most basic pieces of advice is to make your advertisement size in search results as big as possible. The more space it takes, the higher the possibility that it will be clicked. This principle works for all spheres, but not all businesses have enough interesting information that can be represented in the compact Google advertisement format. Fortunately, Forex brokerages have a lot of information which can be included in an ad. It can be information about spreads, regulation, minimum deposit, leverage, business models, trading instruments, educational courses, trading platforms, or account types.

You can put essential information in the basic part of your ad, and additional information can be put into extensions. Ad extensions are a type of ad format that show extra information (“extending” from your text ads) about your business. There are different kinds of extensions that you can use to make ads more informative.

How To Improve A Google AdWords Campaign Of A Forex Broker
Site link extensions show from two to six links to your site pages. You can edit the links to make them more compact and eye-catching. For example:

  • Trading Platform MT4
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Trading Conditions
  • Our Partnership Program
  • Seminars and Webinars
  • Free Educational Courses
  • Free 1-on-1 Training
  • Sign up for Free

Also, you can add your address as a location extension and your telephone number as a call extension. If you have any testimonials from organizations, you can show them as a review extensions. Any important information that you haven’t managed to put into ad text can be put into callout extensions.

The Smaller the Groups, the Better

When you create an ad campaign there is a “Location” parameter that lets you choose in which countries your ads should be shown. If your brokerage works with different countries, you can choose all of them, or even the whole Globe, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that. It would really be better to create different campaigns for each country or group of countries. That way, the cost of a click will be a little bit lower and you will also have separate statistics on each country.

I would give the same advice for your services and special offers. Don’t mix all of them into one campaign. For example, let’s say you want to attract clients from Europe, China, and India. You have three types of ads. The first focuses on the minimum deposit, the second on the low spreads, and the third invites people to attend a free training session. According to these conditions your campaigns can look like this:

How To Improve A Google AdWords Campaign Of A Forex Broker

Clean Regularly

There is no way to block non-target audiences from clicking on your ads, but there is a very useful tool called “Negative keywords.” It tells Google not to show your ads to anyone who is searching for phrases you have tagged as negative keywords. For example, there is a rather popular search term “binary options trading.” If one of your keywords is “trading,” AdWords will show your ads for this term. If you are not providing binary options, this would lead to a flow of non-target traffic on your site.

Negative keywords also take care of your reputation. If you don’t want your ad to be shown for the terms “Forex scam” or “Forex fraud,” put words like that in the negative keywords. When your campaign is launched, you can check what search terms were used in Google by people who clicked on your ads. If you see that some of the search terms are not relevant, you can move them to negative keywords.

How To Improve A Google AdWords Campaign Of A Forex Broker
The last piece of advice for today is the following: if you want to benefit from Google AdWords, you should take care of every cent that you spend on it. You should always try to get more relevant clicks for a cheaper price. Otherwise it will be quite difficult to benefit from this instrument in a such a competitive market as retail Forex.

I hope this advice will help to make your campaigns a little bit more effective. In one of the next articles, I will write about possibilities for Forex brokers in the Display network of Google.

Posted by Katya Yun

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