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Ekaterina Nutriakova
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In this post we will review Takeprofit Liquidity Hub, which is an alternative to oneZero Hub. We will compare these crypto liquidity aggregators and provide an overview of their features and key differences.

Takeprofit Liquidity Hub — the Alternative to oneZero Hub

oneZero Hub is Software-as-a-Service risk management solution that is well-known on the forex market and used by retail brokers, institutional brokers, banks and liquidity providers around the globe to manage and route liquidity. The solution aggregates liquidity feeds from several liquidity providers and streams them to the trading platform.

Takeprofit Hub serves the same audiences and does the same things.

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In addition, Takeprofit Hub clients’ reviews emphasize the hub’s more advantageous pricing plan compared with similar market solutions and its high-quality tech support.

Let’s consider the differences between the tools more closely.

Takepofit Hub and oneZero Hub Comparison

FeaturesTakeprofit HuboneZero Hub
Simple (best bid/best ask) aggregation
Advanced (volume based) aggregation
Different markups per Maker or Taker
Minimum and/or maximum spread settings
Percentage-based markup
Multiple price channels
Possibility of creating multiple symbols per one Maker symbol
Automatic switching between LPs, if the main LP’s quotes stop
Routing trades between A/B book by percentage
Routing trades between A/B book by volume
Market-like delay
Optional extra slippage
Net open position limits for Makers or Takers
Liquidity boost for volumes on book levels
Margin trading
Margin accounts extra fee
Margin protection
Market watch in margin account
Give-ups or coverage account on the MT sideextra fee
Symbols and securities
Multi-asset support
Synthetic symbols
Non-FIX protocol LPs
Price multipliers
Corporate actions (dividends, taxes)additional tool
Support, monitoring and reporting
24/7 support emergency line
Web UI for hub configuration
Web Terminal UI for trading
Rest API Support
Reporting for regulators
Post-trade reporting
SQL database
Analytical dashboardsthrough ARMS
Quote alerts for each of the asset/symbol
Alerting and notifications for essential errors

Final Words

Takeprofit Hub is a proper alternative to oneZero Hub that allows brokers, banks and liquidity providers to fine-tune liquidity aggregation and execution conditions in an uninterrupted mode. Both solutions have their pros and cons compared with each other, so the choice should be made with an eye on your specific business tasks. If you need flexible aggregation settings, then the solution from Takeprofit would bring a more satisfactory result. If reporting to regulators is something that you need to do often, and you have no other tools for this purpose, then oneZero Hub might be a better fit.

You can get a 14-day free trial of Takeprofit Hub to test whether it’s a good alternative to oneZero Hub in your case.


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