Takeprofit Liquidity Hub

order management system to control liquidity streams, aggregation logic, and risk management

Takeprofit Hub empowers Forex brokers to deliver tight spreads into their MT4/MT5 servers and execute client orders at the best available prices from liquidity providers they choose.

  • Takeprofit Hub allows to use your own servers, unlike other popular market solutions.
  • The solution needs no extra restarts of your servers to configure or change the execution conditions, liquidity providers, aggregation logic.
  • It is compatible with the most of liquidity providers / MT4/MT5 trading platforms / another trading platforms via FIX API / crypto exchanges / other liquidity aggregators.

Fully-functional Liquidity Hub for 2 weeks.
Personal assistance of our specialist. Free of change.

Key features of Takeprofit Liquidity Hub

Liquidity stream control that enables to fine-tune the liquidity makersliquidity takerstrading instruments according to your needs.

Aggregation that supports best bids/offers, leading to better spreads and superior execution.

Risk management with flexibility for A-book, B-book and custom execution models.

Monitoring that allows to track activity in real-time, through the many dashboards and log viewing.

Reporting that provides analysis of trading data.

Multi assets support: Foreign Exchange, CFDs, Futures, Commodities, Cryptocurrency


Installation can be done by our support team to ensure that the service is installed correctly. This is free of charge.

Together with Liquidity Hub you get paid support plan options for free:
– email, telegram, and skype requests support during working hours,
– emergency 24/7 phone line support,
– updates that ensure all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows OS,
– man-hours of our developers to solve your personal tasks.

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