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FXCubic is a popular London-based software provider in the foreign exchange industry. Its core solution, FXCubic Liquidity Engine, provides retail and institutional forex brokers with access to a range of liquidity providers, enabling brokerages to offer their clients competitive pricing and deep liquidity.

One of the main advantages of FXCubic Liquidity Engine solution is its low latency and high performance, as well as connectivity to multiple liquidity providers, which ensures that brokers can offer their clients access to the best prices and execution quality.

Types of FXCubic Solutions

  • Liquidity solution is the core product of the company. FXCubic Liquidity Engine is extremely customisable. Detailed and extensive pricing and order routing customisation allows the broker to truly create his own liquidity. All configuration can be done by the forex broker through the GUI, and does not require a restart. As a standalone application, Liquidity Engine by FXCubic can be integrated with any trading platform or can run on its own using the FIX API connection.


    FXCubic Liquidity Engine alternative is Takeprofit Liquidity Hub

Functionality FXCubic Liquidity EngineTakeprofit Liquidity Hub
AggregationSophisticated aggregation algorithms based on individual provider’s market depth with parallel multi-provider execution. Value-Weighted Average Price market depth aggregation and order routing for both A and B book trades.• Simple (best bid/best ask) aggregation,
• Advanced (volume-based) aggregation, 
• Different markups per Maker or Taker,
• Minimum and/or maximum spread settings,
• Etc.
Synthetic instrumentsyesyes
Integration optionsyes
As a standalone application, FXCubic can be integrated with any trading platform or can run on its own using FIX API. 
The solution can be connected to any FIX liquidity provider. 
Risk managementyes
Brokers are able to monitor A and B Book positions on platform accounts, and trade directly from these accounts to hedge or move positions between LP’s over the same interface.
• Routing trades between A/B book by percentage and by volume,
• Market-like delay,
• Optional extra slippage.
All order details and provider tick data are stored historically, accessible visually through the GUI or available for download. FIX logs for individual trades can be viewed easily through the GUI seconds after the trade.
The solution offers post-trade reporting
and SQL database.
Copy Trading yesno
  • The company also offers advanced risk management tools, which allows forex businesses to monitor their trading activity in real-time and take action to mitigate any potential risks.
  • There is also a range of back-office tools, including reporting and analytics, which provide brokers with a comprehensive view of their trading activity. This enables brokerages’ heads of dealing and managers to make informed decisions about their business and identify opportunities to improve their trading performance.


Overall, FXCubic has a variety of powerful and versatile trading solutions that provide retail and institutional brokers with a complete infrastructure for their trading businesses. With FXCubic’s advanced features and flexible customization options, it has become a popular choice for forex brokers looking to offer their clients premium trading.

To choose which particular solutions best fit your businesses you can get a free trial period of most solutions on the forex market. Thus, you can compare particular products’ features and pricing and make your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What is FXCubic?

– FXcubic is a London-based fintech company that specializes in high-performance, low-latency software solutions for the forex and financial trading industry.

– When was FXCubic founded?

– FXcubic was founded in 2016.

– What solutions does FXCubic provide?

– FXCubic’s main solutions are Liquidity Engine, Bridging Technology, Risk Management Solutions, Pricing and Execution Algorithms, and Custom Technology Solutions. All of them help brokers work with their clients with low latency and high execution rates.

– Are there alternatives to FXCubic solutions?

– We offer Takeprofit Hub as an alternative to FXCubic’s Liquidity Engine with its own post-trade reporting and SQL database.

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