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FX aggregator refers to software or a platform that consolidates foreign exchange rates from multiple liquidity providers, allowing forex brokers to compare and execute trades at the best available prices. FX aggregators typically aggregate quotes and liquidity from various sources, such as banks and exchanges, in order to provide traders with a comprehensive view of the FX market and access to competitive pricing.

FX aggregators are not only used by institutional and retail forex brokers, but also by professional individual traders to access liquidity from multiple sources and  efficiently execute large volumes of FX trades. In addition to accessing liquidity, FX aggregators are widely used by brokers as a technology solution to optimize trade execution, enhance pricing competitiveness, and improve operational efficiency in the FX market.

Why Do Brokers Use FX Aggregators?

  1. Access to multiple liquidity providers. Brokers use FX aggregators to access liquidity from multiple sources, such as banks, ECNs, and other market participants. This allows them to provide their clients with a broader range of pricing options and better execution quality by sourcing liquidity from different providers. It can also help brokers manage their risks by diversifying their liquidity sources.
  2. Competitive pricing. FX aggregators enable brokers to obtain competitive pricing from multiple liquidity providers, which can help them offer more competitive spreads and pricing to their clients. This can be crucial for brokers who want to attract and retain clients in the highly competitive FX market.
  3. Efficient trade execution. FX aggregators can help brokers optimize trade execution by automatically routing orders to the liquidity provider with the best available price at the time of execution. This can result in faster and more efficient trade execution, which is critical for brokers to provide quality service to their clients and manage their trading operations efficiently.
  4. Transparency and reporting. FX aggregators typically provide brokers with real-time pricing data, trade analytics, and reporting tools, which can help brokers monitor their trading activities, manage risk, and comply with regulatory requirements. This transparency and reporting capability can be essential for brokers to maintain regulatory compliance and provide transparent services to their clients.
  5. Integration with trading systems. FX aggregators can be integrated with brokers’ trading systems, such as order management systems and execution management systems, allowing for seamless trade execution and post-trade processing. This integration can help brokers streamline their operations and improve operational efficiency.

Forex Aggregator from Takeprofit Tech 

FX aggregator from Takeprofit Tech is used by retail and institutional brokers to manage liquidity streams and trade execution conditions. Its key features are:

  1. Ability to connect freely to any liquidity provider. Our team can connect you to any exchange, bank, prime broker, or other liquidity aggregator for free.
  2. Flexible routing. You can route trades between A-book and B-book by percentage or by volume. You can also keep small volumes in the B-book until the set limit is reached; once the limit is reached, the whole volume is sent to the LP.
  3. Helpful liquidity aggregation modes. There are the best bid/best ask liquidity aggregation mode and the volume-based mode.
  4. Setting updates on the fly. You don’t need to restart the server to adjust any settings.
  5. Customization and flexibility. We offer customization options, allowing you to tailor our liquidity hub to your specific trading needs and preferences.
  6. 24/7 tech support, including dedicated Telegram support.
2000 symbols
supported simultaneously
500 FIX connections supported simultaneously
0 restarts: all changes
in settings are applied immediately

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    Free Trial of FX Aggregator from Takeprofit Tech

    You can try the aggregator from Takeprofit Tech for two weeks for free in order to test its features and make sure it fits your needs.

    It’s important to carefully evaluate the features, functionality, and reputation of any FX aggregator before using it on a live server, and to consider your own trading requirements and risk tolerance. Consulting with a financial professional or conducting thorough research can help you make an informed decision about whether an FX aggregator is suitable for your trading needs.


    In Conclusion

    FX aggregators play a critical role in the global FX market, facilitating price discovery, enhancing transparency, and improving execution efficiency for market participants. They are an important tool for brokers to access liquidity and optimize their trading offering in the fast-paced and highly competitive FX market.

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