How To Build Trust on a Broker’s Website

One of the most common statements in sales is that the first thing a salesperson should do is to create a trusting relationship between her and the client. Some companies mistakenly think that the sales process starts with a call, email, or meeting. No, the first point of a company’s communication with people is its website, at least in regards to a Forex brokerage business. So if you want to widen your sales funnel, start to create trust right there.

Help Your Client to Understand

To make your potential clients read all 45 pages of your site and then make them write a list of questions to your support email is not a good idea. It means that site visitors don’t understand which information is important for them and which is not. They don’t know on which pages they can find answers to the questions. So, only the most patient ones will go all the way to the end. If you want to help your clients to find necessary information, start with these first steps:

  • Write in language that your clients speak. Of course, explaining something to the experienced stock exchange traders is completely different from speaking to housewives and retired people. Ask several clients to take part in the experiment. Give them an assignment to explain what is written on your site to another trader in the most understandable way. Believe me that the value of this information is even higher than it seems in the beginning.
  • Describe a workflow of the most important processes in the most detailed way. It may be evident to you that to open an account you just have to create a login and password in the top right corner of the main page, but it may be not so obvious to a beginner. Show all steps in screenshots, write short comments, and suggest calling a specialist via a toll-free phone number. It doesn’t matter that this number is also given on the “Contacts” page.
  • Explain how your business earns money. What a beginner trader sees on any brokerage site—“Tiny spreads, 1:5000 leverage, $100 bonus, invest $10 and get $10,000”—looks a little bit exaggerated. Demonstrate that it is not a scam by opening some brokerage business mechanisms.
  • Make headings to clients testimonials. Put a main message in the heading. That way, readers don’t need to scan through all the text. It will help them save time by reading feedback that contains the most interesting and pertinent information to them. Also let people rate feedback, so it will be clear which aspects are more important to your clients. I’ve never seen something like this on a broker’s site, but here is a good example from the touristic business. Look at’s feedback:

How To Build Trust On A Broker’s Website

Surround With Care

A lot of brokers think that they have an excellent customer care system, as their support specialists are highly skilled and all replies are worked out individually. However, why would a new site visitor figure that out and trust you?

  • Pay attention to your “About” page. Try to make it more humanizing. A reader should imagine a person after reading this text. It should be a person with a certain character, principles and attitude. If it creates a pleasant image, it means that this site visitor will already like your company and trusts you.
  • Make them feel safe. Use all means possible to assure visitors that they are safe working with you. Write that you won’t use their private information in an improper way, and write about your regulations. Also your site visitors will feel that they are safe if they see that you are an expert. It is long and hard work to build expert status (write articles, educational courses), but it will go a long way in making people trust you.
  • Start to collect statistics about questions that are asked most frequently. You can get such information from your call center and customer service email. Then put the answers on site. I don’t recommend putting all of these questions on a “FAQ” page. Make a logical chain to understand where the answers for these questions should be placed on the site and put them there. You may think that it doesn’t make sense to put all of the information on the site, because it is better to have private contact with a potential client when he asks you these questions via email or phone. You may be right if the number of people who reached out to you is bigger than those who went to your competitor’s site after not finding the necessary information. Are you sure that most of them will call you?

Create a Sense of Over-Delivering

Don’t make too many big promises. It will raise doubts. When overly high expectations meet an imperfect reality, there will be a strong negative effect. On the other hand, imagine feedback where your client writes that he was given better service, better conditions, and a bigger income than was promised. I’m sure that your potential clients will want to be over-delivered in the same way. You can read more on creating a WOW effect in “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh.

To bring all of these recommendations to life you need to study your clients.There is no need to order a big market research project with a special agency. Just do it any way you can. Ask your sales managers to make a list of clients’ values according to their own notices, invite several clients for an interview. The information you get this way will help you understand how to make people trust you from their first site visit.

Posted by Katya Yun

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