5 Scenarios of Collaborating with Influencer Traders

5 Scenarios Of Collaborating With Influencer Traders

Ekaterina Nutriakova
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Social media influencers or opinion leaders are the people whose words influence the tastes and consumption habits of the wide audience around them. Their Facebook or Instagram posts, their comments on Medium determine what their readers will spend money on. The watch brand they prefer, the restaurant they go to, as well as the place they invest their money. And in particular, which broker they choose.

Collaboration with influencers who specialize in trading is a smart tool that allows to reach out to potential traders and engage them. In some cases, collaboration helps directly increase sales.

Collaborating With Influencer Traders

How to find influencer traders to help attract traders to your brokerage? Traders whose posts on social networks, articles and comments in specialized media or blogs gain likes and provoke new discussions are the people you need. Getting into the circle of their interests is not so difficult. Some of them may already be your clients. Someone is ready to test new brokerages out of curiosity and publish posts about the ones whose services they like. But in most cases, opinion leaders need to be motivated.

Each of the 5 formats below allows you to establish partnership with influencer traders to attract the attention of potential clients.

1. Surprises: Gifts and Parcels

Do you like surprises? It’s no surprise that social media influencers like them too. If an influencer likes your gift, he will definitely speak out about it on his social media page. It will be a genuine review, unblemished by greed. Plus, your company will get sincere feedback.

For example, an offer of a generous bonus deposited in the trader’s account or a T-shirt and a cap with your logo will cheer up and attract the attention of an influential trader.

2. Giveaways

A giveaway is a contest that takes place on social media. In order to participate and compete for a prize, a number of requirements must be met. For example, competitors should subscribe to a brand page and repost a certain post or answer a witty question in the comments.

To draw attention to the brand, the opinion leader announces a giveaway on his page. Winners may be rewarded both on the brand page or on the influencer’s page. Marketers keep predicting the decline of the giveaways, but until that actually happens, brands are using them in collaboration with opinion leaders.

For example, you can agree with a selected expert trader to distribute your merchandise among those of his subscribers who best answer the question “What should have better been invested 10 minutes ago?”

3. Influencers as Content Creators

This format regularly beats the giveaway format. At first it seems rash to let a blogger create content featuring your services. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, and in this case risk is justified and confirmed with numbers. 67% enjoy the spirit of competition with other influencers to create content, to make it brighter, more expressive, and more attractive. And 58% of marketers reasonably believe that content created by influencers is better perceived by the target audience.

It is important that the value of content created by influencers is lower than that of content created by the brand itself.

For example, guest posts in your blog on behalf of a small influencer trader will take him to the next level, and you may be given useful content.

4. Events

This is an offline format. The broker organizes an event: an opening of an office in another country or a birthday party. Influencers are invited to increase coverage and draw attention to the event. The more influencers, the greater the engagement. They post pics on social media, tweet, and share brand news. This creates hype.

At the same time, events help maintain friendly relations with influencers.

For example, you can come up with your own festive occasions for traders — crypto-trader day or client day.

5. Sponsored Posts

The most straightforward format. The broker provides a service and pays the blogger to create a detailed review and posts it on his social media pages. He can invite his audience to use a promotional code provided by the company. It can be used to track the effectiveness of the publication.

For example, you can ask the influencer to create a review that is as honest as possible: describing not only the benefits of working with you, but also the negative points. You can provide the key ideas, but don’t edit the text – authenticity inspires confidence in potential clients.

In Conclusion

What results can be achieved by the scenarios above? The broker will undoubtedly expand its audience. Depending on the opinion leader’s level of influence, hundreds of potential clients might visit your website. And of course, sales can go up.

Of course, collaboration with influencer traders is not limited to these formats. Experiment and choose the formats that fit your brand and business tasks.

Posted by Kate Nutriakova, Marketing Specialist at Takeprofit Tech

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