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Dealing with Urgent Migration from MT4 to MT5

In October 2022, our client, a forex broker, was denied access to his MT4. He had only three working days and one weekend to transfer his trading history and accounts to the MT5 server. 

The transfer presented a significant challenge due to the client’s use of our MT4 MAM solution, which also required the transfer of data to the MT5 MAM software version on the MT5 server.

That is how we dealt with this urgent and challenging migration project.


How We Did It

Step one: preparation

To support the migration, our development team created two scripts within three days.

  • Evgeny, our Technical Director, and Yury, our Teamlead, developed a tool that transferred all the necessary data like orders and deals from MT4 to MT5. Dmitriy, our Project Manager, tested it.
  • Simultaneously, Artyom, our Developer, created a tool to migrate all the MAM MT4 information to MT5. Dmitriy tested it.

Step two: migration

Dmitriy and Yury spend a weekend on the migration itself.

Step three: fine-tuning

It took us a week to manually extract all the information saved on MT5 and reflect everything that was in MAM MT4 in MAM MT5.

The Result

As a result, our client was able to continue his business without any disruptions and maintain their social trading on MT5 in the same state as it was in MT4.

Overall, we were able to successfully migrate our client from MT4 to MT5 within an incredibly tight timeframe, thanks to the expertise of our team and the innovative tools we developed.



Since then we have improved our migration tool and process. The tool now works faster and the migration team has grown more experienced.

Within the last 12 months we have provided migrations for four clients.

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