MT4/MT5 Solutions We Developed

Anti-fake account plugin

Checks the server log and identifies which accounts are using the same IP

Bitmex Liquidity adapter (Terramex) application

Receives trades from MT4/MT5 server and passes them to Bitmex Crypto exchange to execute; receives quotes from exchange and provides them to server

Commission converter plugin

Replaces standard commission rules

Database compression service

Compress databases of MetaTrader platform

Deal-Bid Ask recorder plugin

Records bid and ask values at the moment of each trade deal happening

Dividend Allocation Script application

Allows to allocate dividends with shareholders – traders

Dynamic Leverage plugin

Allows to change leverage of trading accounts according to their exposure or open positions

EasyMAM allocation system service

Adds multi-account money management and profit distribution capabilities

Equity Stopout plugin

Closes all open positions if the equity level reaches the value, specified in the settings

Event Logger plugin

Сaptures all the events when specific trade accounts’ balance changes, and feed them into persistent storage of ShiftForex’s choice

External Mirror service

Copies tickets (orders) from one server to another

FIX API Splitter add-on

Allows to create multiple FIX-sessions for providing liquidity or for FIX-trading without server restart

Flex Rebate plugin

Allows a broker to set up multi-level agent commission structure

Leverage Switcher plugin

Changes leverage on clients accounts according to their balance or volume of open positions

Margin Recorder plugin

Records trading data of the account right after the moment of deal creation

Matching Engine plugin

Matches transactions like on an exchange so that traders trade against each other, not against the broker

Max Position Exposure plugin

Sets the limits for open positions of the traders and do not let them exceed these limits

Minimum trade commission plugin

Sets minimum trading commission on different levels – groups, securities, symbols

Plethora commission plugin

Allows a brokerage to configure a multi-level trade volume-based rebate program for introducing agents and money managers

Quotes Watcher plugin

Stops trades for chosen symbols in case quotes are not updating

Real Margin Stopout plugin

Deducts Credit on MT4 account when the client has lost all his own money

Risk Profiling plugin

Allows to identify toxic trades among clients

Spread Limits plugin

Controls minimum and maximum spread levels of Symbols and securities

Server teleportation service

Allows to transfer the WL between MT4 servers (from one brokerage to another)

Spread Management plugin

Increases spread for some symbols for a certain period of time (like news, opening of the market at Monday, times when price feed speed is slower than usual, etc.)

Swaps Blocker plugin

Blocks swaps chargings for mentioned trade accounts, if these accounts are not under the conditions set by broker

Swaps Manager plugin

Allows convenient configuration of swaps and automatic import of swaps from .csv file

Takeprofit Bridge (Klondike)

Helps to manage A-book and B-book execution methods on MT4/MT5 platforms; Allows to receive quotes from LPs and execute trades

Helps to manage B-book execution methods on MT4/MT5 platforms; Controls slippages for different clients and different market conditions 

Takeprofit Dealer Spread Management addon

Allows to change spread settings in accordance with chosen criteria

Takeprofit FIX Acceptor plugin

Allows to get the trades via FIX protocol and put them into MetaTrader 5

Controls liquidity streams, aggregation logic, and risk management

Takeprofit Market Depth gateway

Creates a depth of market for trading instruments and confirms the execution of deals

Takeprofit PAMM plugin

Adds percent allocation management and profit distribution capabilities

Trading Signal Server plugin

Copies trades from one trader’s account to another. The copied trades are executing

WebRegistration Plus plugin

Allows to create accounts via Telnet with the MetaTrader Server and to perform deposit and withdrawal operations

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We have 7 years experience of custom development. In case you have’t found a proper product we are happy to develop a custom one for you.

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