Takeprofit Dealer (Ashira)

MT4/MT5 plugin designed for automatic execution of client trades

Takeprofit Virtual Dealer is a necessary tool for those Forex brokers who have a dealing desk or run B-book to take other side of trade.

With its help you can set the price request processing. Which allows to avoid risks that arise from B-book executing of trades against real-time price feed. And to adjust the ratio of your markup and the level of traders’ loyalty.

How It Works?

The plugin acts as a dealer for all trades from specific groups.

In the GUI program you set the rules when a special execution should be applied:

Takeprofit Dealer configuration manager 

Takeprofit Dealer manages B-book risks that arise from executing clients’ trades against real-time price feed. It:

1. Prevents traders from exploiting flaws of B-Book execution via scalping, news trading, fast Expert Advisors.

2. Controls slippages for different clients and different market conditions in a flexible fashion.

You Might Need Virtual Dealer If

You don’t STP all of your volumes

You see that some traders earn too much using fast Expert Advisors

You see that some traders earn too much using scalping or arbitrage strategies

You see that on news time some traders earn too much

You want to manage the execution for such traders

Fully-functional Virtual Dealer for 2 weeks.
Personal assistance of our specialist. Free of change.


Flexibility. Trades can be filtered by multiple parameters: 
‐ symbols,
‐ groups,
‐ logins,
‐ zip codes,
‐ volumes,
‐ trade types: open/close, SL/TP, pending orders, stop-out activation,
‐ current price feed speed for the symbol

Invisibility: market-like behaviour through randomized delays and slippages.

: trade execution rules can be changed on the go, without server restart.

Full compatibility with other dealing tools
: liquidity bridges, other dealers, manual dealing.


Installation can be done by our support team to ensure that the plugin is installed correctly. This is free of charge.

Together with Takeprofit Dealer you get paid support plan options for free:
– email, telegram, and skype requests support during working hours,
– emergency 24/7 phone line support,
– updates that ensure all products work with the latest version of MetaTrader platforms and Windows OS,
– man-hours of our developers to solve your personal tasks.


$0 set up price + monthly fee, depending on features you need, number of servers, and their sizes

Customers Say

This Dealer is SO COOL!!! I love it!! Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request


Give us right what we need

When we bought Ashira plugin and started to use it, we had a server freeze. After this occasion we stopped using it for some time. Now we use Ashira again and don’t have any problems at all. This MT4 programme looks like there were some updates. It works stably and give us right what we need.

Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request


It works fine with MT4 programme

The biggest advantage is that it is filling orders properly at data times. As you know there are many orders to be filled at busy times and some of them are needed to be filled with slippage and Ashira plugin is doing fine about it.

Brokerage name not disclosed, as per client’s request

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