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MT4/MT5 Custom Development

From small automation tools to complex trading solutions

Our team has 7 years of expertise in end-to-end MT4/MT5 custom development, and has delivered 47 custom projects to 20+ satisfied clients.

  • We have a wealth of ready-made code and designs that can reduce development time and costs.
  • Prior to signing a contract, we clarify and coordinate all the subtle points that may not have occurred to you.
  • We provide weekly development updates so that you can track and control the process.
  • We also provide health audits of brokerage systems and technical setup.

Some оf Our Projects

Trade Mover 1 week / $1,800

White Label brokers use this tool to manually transfer trades between MT4 accounts without having MT4 admin access.


MT4 Trade Spread Recorder for Broctagon 2 weeks / $3,600

This plugin exports data from the MetaTrader server to a MySQL database. It exports the bid and ask price, spread, contract size, and symbol name of each trade, making it possible to calculate custom commissions based on the recorded data.


BitFinex Exchange Adapter for Global Liquidity 3 weeks

This adapter is used to convert FIX API trades to the BitFinex API, allowing MT4 and MT5 clients to receive quotes and send trades to the exchange.


Currency Exchange Bridge 4 months / $18,000

A bridge used to automate the reception of currency exchange requests from a broker’s clients using the MT4 platform.


Token Market Making System 4 months / $20,000

The purpose of this system is to allocate client trades between market makers.

Development Procedure


  • We discuss your request and idea
  • We prepare a document outlining the product prototype and a brief description of functionality
  • We discuss the prototype, and you approve it
  • We create a technical description
  • You approve the description and all development details


  • We provide an estimate of the timeline and cost of development
  • You accept the proposal and sign the agreement
  • We receive the first payment and commence development



  • Every week an intermediate version of the product is deployed on your server
  • You approve all the development results at each stage
  • We conduct field tests in the production environment after final deployment, and fix any bugs
  • We provide after-setup product maintenance

MT4/MT5 Custom Development Cycle

Our team implements Agile’s modern and effective methods of iterative and incremental development. The basic idea of this method is to develop software through repeated cycles, one piece at a time.

Development Cycle

This means that every week we’ll deploy an intermediate version of the product on your server, incorporating your feedback at each stage of development.

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