Takeprofit Tech

Copy Trader lets inexperienced traders and those who don’t want to spend much time on trading (followers), to automatically copy trades of more experienced traders (signal providers). The copied trades are then executed.

The application has a graphic user interface as a separate web page. And can be integrated with a CRM or a website.


Key Features

Easy to implement

  • Not a plugin. Won’t freeze the server,
  • Has a graphic user interface as a separate web page,
  • Can be integrated with a CRM or a website via API.

Engaging for traders

  • Shows performance statistics of signal providers – pick the best ones to copy,
  • Filters providers according to their ROI, profit, instruments,
  • Any trader can play both roles at once: a provider and a follower.

Easy to manage

  • You can see all traders who use the tool,
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe followers from signal providers,
  • Change the amount and period of providers’ fees.


Price for single MT4/MT5 server and single White Label:

  • Setup — $0
  • Up to 1,000 follower accounts — $1,199/month
  • Every new 1,000 follower accounts — $99/month

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